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AI Update Pack 20141126

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Game Version: TAD
This is a modification based on Draugur AI. Its main features include:
- better defensive behavior (also near other settlements)
- specific attack plans
- changes the main base if it is destroyed (if it still has other settlements)
- rebuilds town center
- builds towers
- helps defend allied main bases
and loads of other tweaks.
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Panmaster2014 Have you solved any of the big AI limitations:

-Responding to player messages
-Sending taunts
-Explorer abilities (crackshot, sharpshooter, spyglass...)
-Repairing buildings
-Collecting treasures with multiple guardians
-Wonder powers (peace, inspiration, transcendence)

I've discovered quite a few interesting things in age3y.exe such as:

But they don't seem to work. The explorer plan variables have no effect from testing other than gather 1 guardian treasures on/off.
murdilator Dear Panmaster,

AI taunts are already coded. The AI simply needs a better economic management and a better military unit selection, such that it continually beats your armies. What I've noticed is that the Computer Player then taunts frequently, after it defeats you fair and square in battle.


Panmaster2014 Dear Murdilator,

Are you sure about the taunts? ("Yes" , "No", .... "Zing")

There's no command e.g. Taunt(1)


This plan makes the explorer target any specific treasure with sharpshooter enabled but I haven't figured out how to find the NuggetID.

extern int gTestPlan = -1;

gTestPlan = aiPlanCreate("Test Plan", cPlanGatherNuggets);
aiPlanSetVariableVector(gTestPlan, cNuggetPlanTargetGatherPosition, 0, kbGetTownLocation());
aiPlanSetVariableInt(gTestPlan, cNuggetPlanMaxGuardianStrength, 0, 3);
aiPlanSetVariableInt(gTestPlan, cNuggetPlanTargetNuggetID, 0, 2);

murdilator You need to extract nuggets.xml.

There are difficulties in treasures:

1 (40 food treasures)
2 (90 food treasures)
3 (250 gold treasures)
4 (Cibola)
99 (Silk Road)

Seems the computer only goes after 1 to 3 intentionally, though sometimes at 4.

I haven't only seen the computer use sharpshooter, and a buggy war chief converting (namely because of attack-move, the war chief keeps trying to re-convert before the animation is done).

What your asking is something theoretical that I'm not quite experienced in.

Also, your saying player taunts aren't used, is correct.

However the other taunts which you have never heard are used much more frequently when the computer is able to either 1) destroy you, 2) learn from it's counters, 3) be defeated utterly, 4) put up a good fight, 5) face another computer opponent that gains +3000 score (The Dutch have windmills, but on the field, they are a tough opponent - Queen Isabella).

So I ask that you understand that you clarify what you are talking about, instead of ranting about what you don't.

I spoke the truth, you did not. Speak the truth plainly that I may see your point. But already as I have mentioned above, there is no need to create more taunts, because you see, the computers already have hundreds stashed away.
Panmaster2014 "I spoke the truth, you did not. Speak the truth plainly that I may see your point."

I would learn Norwegian but I suck at languages.

I extracted nuggets.xml ages ago along with everything else.

This gives the AI full vision of the map. I tested it:

Progress is hard work. No documentation and testing plan variables in the scenario editor is boring as hell.

Edfesom this works with TWC?
Panmaster2014 How have you not installed Asian Dynasties??

Finally finished my testing.

There's 3 BIG things the AI can't do:

1. Repair buildings. This is vital and ruins the AI.

2. Unit abilities except for sharpshooter.

3. Wonder powers.

A few minor things it can't do also:
-set the HC shipment spawn building/daimyo
-dynamically adjust training batch sizes
-town bell
-player taunts

Without building repairs the AI is screwed. The other problems are mostly compensated for by the expert handicap and free spies.
SaintXRay_MR late games very lag sir.

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