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Napoleonic Era 2.1.7b for Windows

Author File Description
Tilanus Commodor
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
Napoleonic Era is and has been one of the most popular mods for Age of Empires III and its expansions for over 8 years. It greatly expands and reworks the game with new units, buildings, maps, sounds, music, civilizations and a better AI.

The Napoleonic Wars were chosen as the mod's theme because these count to the most influential military events during the time period of Age of Empires III, which did not cover Europe, Africa and Western Asia as historical spheres of interest.


New civilizations
The expansion mod adds 7 new and reworks 2 old civilizations with unique units, techs, politicians, AI personalities, unit sounds and homecities:
  • Americans
  • Austrians
  • French (reworked)
  • Germans (reworked)
  • Italians
  • Polish
  • Prussians
  • Swedish
  • Swiss

    New maps
    Napoleonic Era comes with over 20 new maps, for example:
  • Alps
  • Rhine
  • Black Forest
  • Malta
  • Finland
  • Sahara
  • Barbary Coast
  • Nile Flood
  • Syrian Desert

    New natives
    The new maps received new minor civs like:
  • Bavarians
  • Barbary Pirates
  • Egyptians
  • Finns
  • Mongols
  • Maltese
  • Tuareg
  • Wurttembergers
  • Westphalians

    Unique units
    Napoleonic Era adds plenty of new unique units to the game such as:
  • Death Head Hussar (Prussia)
  • Mounted Rifleman (United States)
  • Line Infantry (Austria)
  • Grognard (French)
  • Swiss Guard (Swiss)
  • Marine (United States)
  • Chasseur (French)
  • Grenzer (Austria)
  • Lange Kerls (Prussia)
  • Drabant (Sweden)
  • Azap (Ottomans)
  • Merchant (Italy)
  • Pancerni (Poland)
  • and many more ..

    Shared units
    There also new units that are shared with many civs like:
  • Chevauxleger
  • Sharpshooter
  • Fusilier
  • Swashbuckler
  • Conscript
  • Hand Cannoneer
  • Sapper

    New gameplay elements
  • Better AI - Our AI works with the new content, is much harder and bases on the popular Draugur AI developed for the original game
  • University - Building offering powerful unique technologies and late game units
  • Expanded Arsenal - Arsenal offers now more military updates for more unit types
  • Expanded Saloon - Activities like gambling, whoring and drinking benefit Saloons and mercenaries
  • Unit abilities - New and old units like Explorers, Marines or Nuncios received new unique abilities
  • Late game units - Expensive, powerful units that can turn the tide of battle
  • Ultimate techs - Each civ is now granted 2-3 powerful special techs
  • Wild cards - The new civs can now play card games in the Saloon and win civ-specific prices ranging from military units to resource crates

    Napoleonic Era 2.1.7b requires:
  • Age of Empires III
  • The WarChiefs (Expansion)
  • The Asian Dynasties (Expansion) + latest patch
  • Age of Empires III Complete Collection

    Napoleonic Era 2.1.7b is available for Windows and Mac OS X can be installed with our beautiful automatic installers. Napoleonic Era also works with Steam. If you'd like to uninstall NE at a later point, please use the uninstaller.

    Important: You can install NE 2.1.7b over your NE only if you did not install versions earlier than NE 2.1.6. Otherwise please install NE over an umodded and patched AoE3.

    Special feature: Our unique file system allows seamless switching between Napoleonic Era and the original game and supports ESO2 for both, no uninstall required! Simply click either the NE or AoE3 desktop icons to choose your game.

    If you want to play against other NE players, you can join this NE Online Group on Facebook and ask for matches. Napoleonic Era works with GameRanger, Hamachi and also ESO2. Homecities created with either Napoleonic Era or The Asian Dynasties should never be used in the other game though, otherwise progress might get lost. We recommend you to give your Homecities special names to separate them (i.e. NE Berlin or TAD London).

    You can get in contact with us and receive the latest mod news on our official website and our channels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and ModDB.
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    AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Art and Sound3.0
    Playability: 5
    Bugs I found so far didn't prevent me from playing games from the start to the end.

    Creativity: 5
    Can't ask more: new civilisations (7), units, buildings, textures, even some new voices.

    Art and Sound: 3
    There is a single new 1:08 music so there is potential for more.

    Installation/Instructions: 5
    Got no problems using the provided installer. No CRC-mismatch in online matchmaking makes this expansion a must have for anyone playing online or not.
    EDIT: I've extracted the installer to compare files in it VS those it installed. I confirm every single byte of code was copied over perfectly without overwriting anything at all. Installation was 100% successful and online play is untouched. FLAWLESS VICTORY!

    Story/Description: 3
    There are no new campaigns. Luckily the rest is far too well documented.

    FINAL SCORE: 4.2 / 5

    There are bugs but since it's in beta stage it is forgiveable. Working pretty well on average. Great job!! Gotta test some other civilisations when I got some more spare time. WELL DONE!! ^^

    [Edited on 12/19/14 @ 09:11 AM]

    tobuscus5001 This mod is bugging as hell
    I want to have it fullscreen and i check that and uncheck windowed mode than i click ok nothing happens.
    i have a nvidia gt520m and i can run Age of Empires 3 smoothly and it seems that even with windowed mode on everything on low and some things off the game is lagging ALOT. I launched Age of Empires 3 the warchiefs put everything on high NO LAGG. This mod is lagging, bugging, crashing and even more problems. I can say that this mod is not even playeable and i have all the dlc for Age of Empires i installed it correctly and it should run fine but it's bugging and lagging. In gameplay i want to make the shadow detail to meduim but than it automaticly turns back into very high. Please fix this so that the mod is playeable and that it's not lagging when i even got the higher specs for the game itself. I even get memory errors from the game but i have 5 gb ram fix that aswell

    [Edited on 12/26/14 @ 03:39 AM]

    manoos91 what is the product key and where is the previous version ?
    Smallen Why Suleiman , WarChiefs Civs are gone? I cant play with them because they are gone. I can play with them in Asian Dynasties Exp. but I cant play in NE :( I have Complete Collection :)
    Art and Sound1.0
    Playability: 1
    (Insert Playability analysis here)

    Creativity: 5
    (Insert Creativity analysis here)

    Art and Sound: 1
    (Insert Art and Sound analysis here)

    Installation/Instructions: 1
    (Insert Installation/Instructions analysis here)

    Story/Description: 5
    (Insert Story/Description analysis here)

    Additional Comments:
    This is the 1st time I've used this site, but I wanted to try Nap era before I resign from gaming so I made a profile I only had 1 Question, when I come back I will re-rate also, My question is is this mod supposed to have a campaign? or is it skirmish mode by design? That's all I wish to know so I can give a proper review.
    Osman83 Hi, my compliments for this mod pack. I installed it without any problems, but now "War of Chiefs" and "Ottomans" civilisations are missing. Is it possible to fix this problem?
    Art and Sound3.0
    Playability: 5
    (Insert Playability analysis here)

    Creativity: 5
    (Insert Creativity analysis here)

    Art and Sound: 3
    (Insert Art and Sound analysis here)

    Installation/Instructions: 5
    (Insert Installation/Instructions analysis here)

    Story/Description: 2
    (Insert Story/Description analysis here)

    Additional Comments:
    Very good, easy to deploy on your MAC. Just a problem, the file downloaded isn't a zip file. You need to rename to .rar file to decompress a .dmg file.
    JFelipeLD Hi, the mod looks so good; and thankyou for do it. I have one question. I can´t play with de classic civs (brtish, spanish,french, etc.) I don't see it where I can choose my nation; but the new others (prussians, austrians, etc.) are there... That is normal? What can I do?

    Thanks for your support!
    Forgive my english...
    Art and Sound4.0
    Playability: 5
    (Insert Playability analysis here)

    Creativity: 5
    (Insert Creativity analysis here)

    Art and Sound: 4
    (Insert Art and Sound analysis here)

    Installation/Instructions: 5
    (Insert Installation/Instructions analysis here)

    Story/Description: 5
    (Insert Story/Description analysis here)

    Additional Comments:
    How can I set no population in NE?
    Thank you...
    Sayyed Hassaan I have a complain that only the new units have the ability to patrol whereas old units do not have this ability. So please also enable patrol command for the old units also. Thank you!
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    Art and Sound3.0
    Favorites: [Who?]3
    Size:75.53 MB