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Legend of Cibola City (6/6)

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
The story takes place in the 1845s at the end of the Far West

UPDATE = C6 Apocalypto

C1 The Bounty Hunter

Lara is a young aventurers recently hired by a mysterious man called "The French".
An unknown original pyramid was discovered in the heart of a hidden canyon of Texas. This might be the first pyramid to find so far north.
Lara thus share with his friend Kanib and a large team of workers provided by her strange employer.
Unfortunely the regions is under the yoke of the gang Old Man Clanton. Research is going well at the beginning, the Old man being intrigued by this discovery.
A week later Clanton receive a strange visitor at the night fell. It was the day he decide to take possession of all the discoveries of Lara.

Murdoch is a feared bounty hunter in the US integrality. His new target will be reveal Old Man Clanton and his lieutenants.
He arrived in the heart of Texas near the Headquarters of the gang. On the road his horse collapses, suffering from terrible fever .. This Mexican cursed sold him a beast in agony!
The hunt starts badly ..


C2 Blood and Tears

Murdoch is sullen since the assault against the Gang, in fact no body, no bounty.

When was I'm excited! These tablets are fascinating, it tell the story of a woman, a warrior but also a princess.
After the fall of his people and was exiled here in remote pyramids of its people.
She talks about city filled with riches, the cities of Cibola legendary! I feel Murdoch relive the news. My employer also seems pleased with this new and additional funds provided to me to discover these legendary wealth.
We know that these cities should be in the Yucatan jungle but is vast. I immerse myself in the historie of this woman I hope to find some clue to the location of Golden Cities.

Meriah is a warrior princess, high priestess and huntress, just this! His little brother is called Azukan. He was banished by their father for having already attempted a blow-state.
It already been a while since the conquistadors ravaged the Yucatan but none ever discovered the hidden valley of Cibola. Unfortunately is was not counting on madness and ambition of one man.
Azukan rejoined conquistadors and menas to the gates of the city.
Meriah finds herself at the head of the defense of the first of the Golden city .. The conquistadors, their shining armor, their fire-eaters and their terrifying creature has four legs they have you because of the courage of aztec warriors?


C3 Tomb Raider

Browsing the tale of this woman I found the location of another tomb or relics of power was hidden.
After having prevent The Frenchman, we leave for the mountains of the Andes. We reach Lacroix, the henchman of the Frenchman.
The man already waiting for us with a team of explorers and a regiment of Navajo mercenaries. I hope that this artifact we lead us to the legendary city of Cibola ..

We find this relic many coveted by ancient aztec, unfortunately I have a bad feeling about this mission. Maybe we will find the answers in these mysterious caves.
Also rumors in th natives villages we crossing on the way. A curse ? Murdoch does not believe it but I know what it is. That was another era or superstitions were many and sometimes justified.


C4 Circle's Remnants ?

A little rest after this hard day .. No more mummies and saurians foul over mud or dirt!

This week quiet in the house of my employer was very relaxing. While Murdoch had left to seek his bounty for the old man I could study the relic and find out about my new opponents ..

Fraulein Mullher, Professor Mullher .. It is part of the very restrict Kaiser's Trust Circle. She is also the head of a special division of the Reich that has made a specialty of the occult and the paranormal.
These strange armor that carried her guard vaguely remember a story about a secret organization and terribly powerful .. Could this be the remains of this sect? Or a new Circle ..

For the relic, the mirror of the Dead, it seems awfully powerful as a weapon in the hands of the Reich would be a disaster.
The mirror allows, in appropriate ritual to wake the dead .. We have seen it when it hit the guard in the caves. Meyah did well to hide alas if I want to discover Cibola I have needs him.
His head would be a kind of key that would open the golden door of Cibola.
By comparing the testimony of conquistadors and Meyah's story I could determine a possible position of the Golden City. It's time to go.

No doubt that will be the Mullher. This walk in the jungle going to be that difficult ..
Fortunately Murdoch is return, nobody resists the call of a covered city of gold ..


C5 Ghost of the Past

The expedition of the Reich is vanquished! Unfortunately no hint of Mulher .. We have plenty of time to explore the jungle from now. After rough search we finally discover the famous golden door!
We leave to the north join Lacroix's camp. He is in charge of the protection of the mirror. We will use this artifact and open the doors. A veritable archaeological treasure awaits us.
When we arrived we see no sentinel .. I fear the worst ..

A evil strength emanates from the mirror constantly. I hope his power leave them alone many deaths the ultimate battle of Cibola ..


C6 Apocalypto

After the battle all the spirit have calmed and were able to join their paradise. Meyah thanked us and made us promise not to sack the city before she go.
We find these treasures and the city but at what price .. Contrary to legend there is only one pyramid who covered with gold, but I guess Murdoch and our mens will happy with that!
We must be careful not to destroy anything ..

Wait a minute..

The mirror is gone! What fools we were to leave it in the care of so few mens on the lock of golden door .. we were so excited by this discovery that we neglect the most elmentaire security! The Fraulein and his last men had to be hidden after their attempt failed and the murder of Lacroix.
Lacroix .. I avenge you .. Now we must recover them, nor serve nothing to search the jungle we all know or'll get Mullher in the headquarter of the Paranormal Reich's Division.
At the same heart of the vast Black Forest, on the old continent in Germany .. The relationship being strained between France and the Reich at that time we can enjoy the contact with the Frenchman in Paris for organize an assault. But can be a small group succeed or the army would annihilate fact.

We travel discreetly to the Mulher's Fort, the soldier of the New Circle are not very valued in the region and we can probably find help nearby local to infiltrate this fort.
We must recover at all costs and destroy the relic before Mulher learn to control it and unleashes Apocalypse. Maybe it is already too late.
An so powerful power cannot be in the hand of a people or a nations.
The final battle is gone.

Sorry for bad english but it's not my native language.
yet I think the scenario will be quite understandable
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
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Balance: 5
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 4
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:

Awesome playability, and depth thereafter!

Works great if you have 5 hours after work to play a show-on-the-road.

I liked Campaign 5 and 6 best, 1-4 are hard and create interesting challenges.

The first may discourage you, but press on! Income awaits!

Improved overall from other scenario types - but I felt this deserved a little less than a 5, due to several items of 'wreckage' along the game board.

Good job!

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Map Design4.0
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