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The AI4 - Coward AI

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Game Version: TAD
Greetings all.

I congratulate myself on the first AI that can cross the amazon river.

Also, this is a standalone AI for Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

It has a boom potential, and it's Expert level has been decreased to 1.35x rate.


- builds walls earlier, in Colonial and Fortress Age
- Builds towers more efficiently, while not bothering to
- fights patriotically, and uses melee units with ranged units, as well as native warriors and a few mercenaries when it has them.
- has a few less cards than the N3O AI, plus has less priorities to choose economic improvement cards
- builds more Swordsmen and Naginata for Japan, more cavalry than infantry for the Sioux, and more Cavalry and Cannon for the Iroquois; Works well for China, which now builds Meteor Hammers, Iron Flails + Arqubusiers + Changdao, not-withstanding using consulate units; Helps Indian AI train Mahouts, Howdah, Sepoy, Rajput, Gurkha, and Sowars efficiently
- Builds 85 Villager High, which means +5 military units for the AI
- Russian AI does not upgrade Bastion
- British AI commanded to build Musketeers, Grenadiers, Lifeguards, and a few Dragoons + Native Warriors.
- Works well for Supremacy
- lowered fish boom to 10 fishing boats maximum
- builds up it's army before it attacks
- has more access to Field Guns, Culverins and Horse Artillery
- Uses Consulate more correctly
- Building walls and towers does not slow down the AI's attack pattern, but makes them build up, then attack, creating a fun, but beatable AI.

My fun redeveloping the AI:

It has -0.5 to 0.5 attack pattern, with 0.0 as another randomization.

Can play all map types and variants without fault.

Increased the building radius to 70 up from 58, and wall radius decreased to 58 and 84, rather than 59 and 86.

Can build more than 17 towers, if needed (if more are enabled).

Other faults or grandeurs! Lie inside!

Has general N3O AI coding.

best of regards,

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5
Great and challenging AI! As a huge fan of your N3O FP AI for TAD 1.03 Version 6, I was thrilled to see a new AI done by Murdilator. The "AI4 - Coward AI" implements a lot of the good features of the older N3O FP AI but provides many new aspects and improvements. The defensive behavoir is working better and the AI seems to be more focused when it prepares for an attack. What I really like is the way the AI uses the untis, upgrades and shipments of each civ.

My suggestion would be to utilize the church techs/untis a bit more, if possible.

Additional Comments:
Thanks for your hard work Murdilator!
xBadHamsterx Greatings Murdilator,
I am glad you are back with new improvements!
How is this Ai with sea (water) battles? My favorite map is Ceylon, and defult AI is very bad with ships, so far I am using old Felix Hermansson AI which is very good on water, but ground combat is poor.
File Author
Hello sir,

This AI is ok on sea battles, and has the Draugur base, but builds a few more, say, when threatened.

It can build up more economics, so that it has the resources to keep up a naval fleet.

It does not upgrade Imperial Man-O-War or Imperial Monitor, nor Exalted Fuchuan, nor Exalted Tekkoussen, but it does upgrade the basics, such as Armor Plating and Carronade.

This is because currently that interferes with upgrading the Capitol, land Military units etc.

On water games, the N3O Coward does alright for the Native Americans, building some canoes, but on Ceylon, for instance, the AI does not have a town center on the land, and does not have a system for transporting villagers onto he mainland as of yet.

Good news is that I have found a method for the AI to transport troops from ship to mild land areas.

Short answer: This AI works on land, upgrades economy and units, and uses Water Support.
Atomiswave First of all big thanks to Murdilator for his contributions, especially in AI department.

After some testing I find this AI worse than his N30 ai for TAD. It aggressively builds walls and doesn't place gates, so it often happens to block its own units.

Does Murdilator plans to continue his work N30 AI for TAD? Is there more room for improvement?
File Author
Dear Atomis,

The AI builds walls earlier, and thereby does not have the resources available to purchase gates at this point in the game.

Allowing walls in Industrial Age, and at at least 70 population room, grants the AI time to have wood enough to build gates/towers.

I've given it 40 population room and in Colonial/Fortress Age.

Also, the fact that this AI can build towers earlier, would naturally slow down its wood income.

But what you have not comprehended yet, is that I EXPECT others to give joyously, after my time is finished.

The Coward is designed to be worse, on purpose, to grant you His love, both now and forevermore, amen!

best of regards!


[Edited on 02/03/17 @ 12:19 PM]

BloodStainedRose Greetings, murdilator.
Over these past few weeks I have studied you N30 AI Mod (for TAD). Job well done! I made some slight modifications like villager count, behavior traits, correcting text, etc. I also fixed the "Gate Glitch" for the Asians and Aztec through the techtree. I have come to understand more about how behavior affects card choices for decks. That, right now, is my current focus. I would like to make the AI have more unique cards as well as economic ones. If you have any tips, let me know! Also, several things in the code don't make sense to me, like how "Foreign Logging" cannot be added for Indians... and all those other buggy ones. I wish I knew how to fix this or even how to begin. I am interested to try out this mod when I have the time! Keep up the good work! If you have any insight into what I have mentioned, please, do share. I am very interested in AI coding and behavior. I attend a LAN party every once in a while, and not to toot my own horn, but I am superior to them all in skill. I would personally like to see how they fair against your AI, with my slight modifications. Thanks for your time, and I hope you don't mind me trying to enhance the AI's Eco.

Scott E Dawg BlooststainedRose: If you've got an even slightly different AI build, do us a favor and post it here! Murdilator is the only guy ever submitting new builds any more; he used Drauger as a starting point (and why not?), but always adds enough tweaks to give it a distinct flavor.

Whatever changes you've made, I hope chief among them is having opponents always Ransom their Explorers back home. I'm so sick of dead Explorers laying near my forts and town centers; they keep popping up every now and then, like Jack from his box, only to have my Explorer Dog or a pet Rhino or whatever send them back down into the dirt! Yes, I have to post a combat pet of some type near every dead Explorer, to keep them from waking up and heading for the nearest Settler (which is about all they ever seem to want to do--kill Settlers).

All my own personal versions of AOE3 feature hugely beefed up Explorers and Explorer Dogs (thanks, protoy and techtreey!). It's fun with every team having a Super Hero (complete with doggy sidekick) to run around stirrung up trouble... except that usually mine is the only one running around, because I Ransom him whenever needed! More than can be said for all the AI opponents...
File Author
I've toyed with ransoming explorers, and ever 42% the AI can do it.

A 0.42 priority would mean something like:

1.0 main, 0.9 focus, 0.40 less than important.

For fun I tested 0.52, and the AI did ransom their explorer more often.

Careful with adding too many priorities, however, because sometimes they override each other.
Eoatres Is the latest N30 patch able to build walls too?, or should I overwrite the N30 AI3 files with this one?
File Author
Can work on patch.

No Observatory

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