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AI 7 - The Helot Major

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Game Version: TAD
Uses more men!
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documental I was playing this a few months ago and back then I was using your N3O FP AI for TAD 1.03 ai mod. How come you chose to make another instead of building onto that one?

And what about the UnHardcode Patch? Wouldn't this allow the AI to use unit abilities?

[Edited on 06/23/18 @ 11:23 AM]

File Author
The reason I make separate AIs is because they do not override each other and I like the balance of the original AI format.

This is like a specialty AI that is better at Unique approaches and Asian Civs, but has still issues with military selection.

This AI is easier than the other one but it is more fun and gives the player a chance to win!

That's why I don't build them into each other.
Rating: 5
An excellent improvement to an already interesting AI. Easily my new favorite, the "Helot Major" provides countless hours of enjoyment in both single player and co-op games. It has very few weaknesses, and amazing variety. I was pleased to find it using and upgrading whichever custom units I have added to the game, and researching unique technologies, with some limitation.

Its massive armies are its real strength, and can only be countered by equally massive armies of the right composition of units.

Constantly keeping you on your toes by maneuvering around the map, and attempting back door strikes where you least expect it (Hunter Settlers beware!).

For those struggling to fight against it, I will spoil one of its major weakspots, which is its apparent inability to defend against villager killing. Throughout the game, the Helot Major will do very little to sustain its population of Villagers, and react very poorly to your raids. Many a late game have been won against it, thanks to its Villagers having to go far beyond safe waters to find woodlines, and woodcutting there undefended, and returning to the same spots even after having been killed there numerous times.

Additional Comments:
I have not tried this AI in non-Expert settings, and I would like to mention that trying 3v3 or 4v4 Single player was almost unplayable, since the Helot Major opponents would always rush one of my AI allies and destroy their economy by killing their Villagers, which is a particularly crippling flaw of the defensive mechanisms of the Helot AI as well.

In one instance, the allied Queen Isabella, while under intense pressure from our enemies, decided to revolt, and caused an unexpected turn of the game, to my great amusement.

Mordulator, I can not thank you enough for providing our small community with such vast amounts of quality content. I tip my hat to you!

[Edited on 11/26/18 @ 07:50 PM]

File Author

Program Files (86x) -- Steam -- SteamApps -- common -- Age of Empires III -- bin -- AI3.

I plan to make the AI Lamer Major, which builds artillery and uses infinite shipments, and more aggressive AI Behaviour, perhaps at the cost of its walls (the rules in the AI are dependent on each other).

[Edited on 08/16/19 @ 02:19 AM]

File Author
There is an updated version (generally improved) of the AI Helot Major here on Moddb.com


for those who are interested

Also another new version, the Big Daddy AI:


[Edited on 11/07/19 @ 08:05 AM]

File Author
This AI has improved N3O Coding, and is the completion of the N3O Improved AI. It trains 3 unit types, not 4, so the only civ that struggles a bit is Japan, though the AI does train units for it. Anyways, the later AIs (Big Daddy and Horsemaster) are separate improvements from this, the Horsemaster being the completer version of the Lamer Major and Big Daddy AIs. These later ones train 4 unit types.

For head-up land matches the Helot Major may seem a bit better than the Horsemaster at fights, but it isn't as aggressive like the N3O FP AI.

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