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AI 10 - The Horsemaster (April 27!)

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Game Version: TAD
AI 10 - The Horsemaster

This AI builds mostly same as AI 9 - Big Daddy: It is a work in progress.

It trains four unit types at a time. The point of making this AI is to improve it gradually over time, and release and re-release new versions of it.

In the Horsemaster, I have tried to fix the small errors that I did with the previous Big Daddy: Dutch not always building Units, Slow-training for Iroquois, Chinese economy, and the Cavalry-only army for India.

AI is still primarily a Deathmatch AI. Custom maps such as Legend Maps are good for testing purposes on Discovery Age starts.

The AI works now alright for 30 Minute Treaty.

If you've downloaded this file before, download again and replace the old with the new files.

- Final Update 27 April 2021: French AI trains original values.

- Update 19 April 2021: Native American Civs have their bonus Handicap for Treaty reduced back to 1.50 (was 1.65). This allows for Expert AIs to play online, even with people who don't have AI installed. Host has to put it at Expert however (This is because Baseline Handicap is different in Basic AI, AImain.xs for Asian Dynasties).

- Update 17 April 2021: French AI now trains the old core of Troops, but prioritizes Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Hussars and Skirmishers more.

- Update 13 April 2021: French AI now trains a Napoleonic Core of Troops: Musketeers, Skirmishers, Cuirassiers, Hussars, Dragoons. This allows them to counter cost-effectively. French AI also uses Richeleiu's Regiment instead of 4 Infinite Cuirassiers.

- Update 12 April 2021: German AI priorities returned to original (0.4 Cav, 0.6 Inf, 0.0 Art, from 0.4 Cav, 0.7 Inf, 0.1 Art).

- Update 11 April 2021: Wonders, Castles and Town Centers now place with 1.0 spacing (up from 0.0). This is to make the AI move troops easier through its base.

- Iroquois use Onondaga Support rather than Seneca Support (14 Tomahawks +5 Crates of Wood instead of 10 Forest Prowlers +2 Travois).

- Update 1 April 2021: Russian Units returned to Normal/Original, Bias Cav returned to 0.2 (0.5). (This was because I tried a value which didn't make them train many units.)

- Update 28 March 2021: In Treaty, AIs will now focus on 95 Economic Population, and less for French (85), Dutch (75), Japanese (85); 200 Population except for 220 for Chinese. Sioux now can correctly research Strong/Mighty War Hut. Bonus Handicap for Natives in Treaty brought down to 1.40 for Hard, 1.65 for Expert.

- Ottomans correctly build extra Town Centers on regular maps (I had tried a condition that didn't work)

- Spanish Units returned to Normal (I had tried values which didn't work for training units)

- Update 26 March 2021: Aztecs train better military; No Aztec Mining. Ottomans use Spahi Shipments rather than Grenadiers. Better handling for Infinite Shipments added. Royal Decree Unit Shipments are sent beginning at 10 minutes (for custom treaty games). Factories are on Gold/Food/Wood until Imperial, then they switch back to Gold/Cannon/Cannon. Russians always upgrade Bastion. Iroquois and Sioux always upgrade Strong/Mighty War Huts. Bonus Forecasts of 2500 food added for Imperial Age. Better Handling for Industrial Age unit Shipments added. Added Handling for Distributivism, Colbertism, Capitalism. Bonus Handicap for Treaty brought back to 1.25 for Hard, 1.15 for Moderate, 1.0 for Easy, 1.5 for Expert (Natives still have 1.5, 1.25, 1.15, 1.75). Russian/Spanish AI slightly updated.

- Update 23 March 2021: Shrines, Houses for India and Mango Groves all have 1.0 placing (down from 3.0). Simple build plan radius increased from 50 around the town to 100. Japan Builds its two extra stables in Industrial Age rather than Fortress.

- Update 21 March 2021: Wonders, Town Centers, Castles and Factories all can be built next to other buildings without extra spacing. This should help the AI age up with the Asians to Imperial Age and help tight-bases for Europeans. Simple build plan radius increased from 30 around the town to 50.

- Update 20 March 2021: Ottoman AI now builds extra Town Centers in regular matches. Handling for Pioneers moved to Imperial Age.

- Russian AI builds old units, but also uses Boyars Shipment. This AI also focuses more on Cavalry: Cossacks and Cavalry Archers.

- Target Settler Counts increased to 80 in Colonial Age and 90 in Fortress (up from 50, 85)

- Native AIs have higher Handicap Bonus for Treaty Games than other AIs (1.25, 1.35, 1.50, 1.75).

- Aztecs now dance for Warrior Priests at the dance pit (up to 4). All Native AIs use 1/7 of their Villagers on the Dance pit rather than 1/6.

- Ottoman AI researches Topkaki earlier in the game (25 villagers rather than 33 villagers). Increased normal btOffenseDefense to 0.45.

- Update 19 March 2021: Factory Cannery and Factory Water Power are upgraded by the AI. Easy, Moderate, Hard, and Expert now have a separate bonus handicap for Treaty Games: 1.0 for Easy, 1.25 for Moderate, 1.35 for Hard, 1.60 for Expert. Hard brought back up to 90 economic population; Moderate has 180 total population, and Hard and Expert use 99 Villagers with Natives. Easy uses 80 villager population as Natives, Moderate uses 90 (75 and 80 for other Civs).

- Update 18 March 2021: Easy and Moderate have +10 Population on Treaty Games (80, 160; 90, 190), Hard has 5 less economic population on Treaty Games (85). AI's now build 2-3 extra Town Centers in Fortress if they can and have less than two Covered Wagons available.

- Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian AIs improved; Spain builds Hussars, Musketeers, Skirmishers, Lancers and Rodeleros; Portugal builds more Infantry/Cavalry, Russia builds more Cavalry Archers, balanced amount of Infantry, and Cossacks.

- Infinite Grenadiers, Infinite Cavalry Archers, Infinite Musketeers included; Handling for Industrial Age Units Shipments added if included in deck.

- Native Villagers and Asian Villagers can build Town Centers for the AI.

- European Factories produce food/coin/wood if there are 2 to 3 of them. This is instead of Cannons, which they often don't have the population for.

- Update 15 March 2021: AI Main updated: Aztec AI builds Coyote Runners, Eagle Runner Knights, Macehualtins, Jaguar Prowl Knights, Puma Spearmen, but very few Arrow Knights.

- Aztec AI uses Aztec Mining and 1000 Infinite Coin Card on high homecity levels (100 and above). Iroquois use Pioneers Card, and Seneca Support (10 Forest Prowlers +2 Travois). Handling added for Aztec Mining, 1000 Infinite Coin, Pioneers Cards. Grain Market Card (+20% Mills) will ship earlier than before for Aztecs. AI chooses 15 Special Cards (up from 14).

- Update 13 March 2021: AI Main updated: Chinese AI uses Refugee & Migrant Shipments which give Villagers and also Covered Wagon Shipments at the right time in the game. This should give them a large advantage in games where they previously sent villager shipments too late.

- Update 10 March 2021: AI Main updated: Iroquois AI Builds one more War Hut and Sioux AI builds two more War Huts. Additional Fort Wagons are better used now, and should not interfere with initial forward base, and the AI can use Outpost Wagons to build Blockhouses. Natives & Asians now put Factories, if they have any, on Food/Coin/Wood rather instead of trying to build Heavy Cannons.

- Update 9 March 2021: AI Main updated: AI now builds two Town Centers in Fortress, Three in Industrial. Moderate AI uses 85 economic pop, and has 1.0 handicap (up from 0.90). The Extra two Mills are built before the extra two Plantations. Germans build one mill in Fortress always. 1500 food/1500 coin added for treaty non-spending escrows.

- Update 6 March 2021: AI Main updated: Russians once again train less priority to Ranged Infantry, thereby a balanced army like in earlier versions of Horsemaster AI (0.93, instead of 0.935).

- AI now uses Chinese Fire Ships and Aztec Tlaloc Canoes when available, and more Canoes and War Canoes for Iroquois and Sioux, and uses German, French, Japanese, and Spanish Consulate upgrades when available. Settler Wagons can be trained in Fortress by the AI, rather than in Industrial.

- AI can now use Fort Wagons around the town if it has extra Fort Wagons

- Update 4 March 2021: AI Main updated: Iroquois once again train more Mantlets and less Kanya Horsemen, thereby a balanced army like in earlier versions of Horsemaster AI (Mantlets, 0.80, Kanya 0.80 rather than 0.80, 0.85).

- Update 27 February 2021: AI Main updated: Easy difficulty brought up to 70 Economic Pop, 150 Total Pop, and 0.75 handicap (up from 55 Economic Pop, 140 Total Pop, and 0.65 handicap). Be sure to copy it in to Program Files or Steam install and try out 3v3/4v4 Easy on NR Maps!

- Update 6 January 2021: AI Header file now has 120 Defense Reflex Radius rather than 150. This makes team-game AIs a bit less aggressive. It also prevents AIs from spending too many resources on unfruitful attacks. In the previous aggressive AI, sometimes the AI would run out of resources by attacking too frequently; this makes them build up for more attacks. Initial Offense-Defense left as is.

- This above change is due to continual team-game testing. I want the AI to build up attacks and not require additional resource tribute in order to play games.

- Included Original Horsemaster AI along with Backup files. This is the earlier version and is defensive, from September 2020.

Fixed major bug with Sioux AI not aging up. Recreated from an older file without the bug.

- Temporarily decreased base radius back to 60.0; studying it and found that Outposts and Tower Units could be built further away than other buildings in 100.0 or above.

- German AI Builds more Infantry, no longer uses Cavalry Hitpoints.

- Sioux and Russian AI should build a little more Cavalry.

- Iroquois AI trains more Infantry, Mantlets, and Kanya Horsemen.

- Japanese AI builds some Ashigaru Musketeers lategame, but mostly Samurai and Naginata

- AI Offense-Defense strategies increased. 0.40-0.50. Some remain 0.40, 0.45, and occasionally 0.35.

New Handling added for Early Settler Shipments. 3 Villagers, 2 Settler Wagons, 3 Coureur des Bois, 3 Settlers should be first card sent in every Basic Supremacy Game.

German AI (NOT IN THIS VERSION) Builds an extra Mill in Fortress Age for Settler Wagon Production; Sends Settler Wagon Shipments in Early Game.

Opportunity Defend bonus decreased from 0.25 to 0.15. This gives defending AIs more priority to attack your units than going for your base.

AI Defensive Attack Radius increased to 150, up from 100. This helps in 3v3 Team Games where on large maps the AI sometimes would only fight half-map. Also 2v2 is helped along because Allies will defend greater portions of the map.

AI Offense-Defense strategies randomized between 0.35, 0.40, 0.45. This gives an aggressive AI, that does not spend its resources wildly; also 0.2 values increased to 0.35, 0.5 values decreased to 0.45, 0.40 or 0.35, depending on civilization.

AI Header File updated. Defensive Attack Radius and Search Radius increased to 100 from 60. This will make them defend larger places of the map. Be sure to copy and paste it in AI3 over the old aiHorsemasterHeader!

Better Handling enabled for, Temple of Xolotl (10 Villagers +10 Gathering rates) and Oneida Support (10 Villagers +1 Covered Wagon).

Iroquois AI uses Oneida Support (10 Villagers +1 Covered Wagon), Cavalry Hitpoints, and 9 Kanya Horsemen +2 Medicine Men in its deck.

Economics addressed. (NOT THIS VERSION) Extra support for gold gathering (0.35), all civs now try to keep up 90-99 villagers, and Hunting has been reduced from 0.80 priority to 0.78 priority (improves farming and fishing).

Single Player Scenario games addressed: Moderate has 150 pop with 70 economic, up from 105 pop and 45 economic; Easy has 100 pop with 50 economic, up from 50 pop and 25 economic; Hard has 200 pop with 85 economic; Expert has 220 pop with 90 economic pop.

Easy brought up to 0.75 handicap and Moderate to 0.90; Easy brought up to 150 population with 70 economic population, up from 120 population and 50 economic population.

Escrows worked on. (NOT THIS VERSION) Added 500 food, 500 wood for Bank Escrow, up from 350 food, 350 wood; Added new Military Escrow 500 food, 500 wood, 500 gold that the AI will keep in its reserve.

German AI uses a little more artillery.

German AI uses more cards. Included: Long-Ranged Infantry Hitpoints and Solingen Steel. German AI also now sends Germantown Farmers Card at the correct time and trains Settler Wagons throughout the game.

AI Made more aggressive; changed -0.5 OffenseDefense to 0.5 for most strategies. This means they will take the field more often in large team games. Also changed multipliers 0.2 to 0.25 for additional Defense and Offense attack traits. This makes them more supportive in larger maps, like the AI in the N3O Fan Patch.

India AI builds Flail Elephants in addition to other units; it Trains Gurkha more often and Sepoys sometimes. It ships 3 Howdahs and 9 Urumi more evenly and more frequently. It no longer spams native warriors in place of its regular army.

Native American AIs use War Dance when they have large armies, and XP Dance as default dance (instead of War Song which spawns Dog Soldiers). Sioux and Aztecs dance for Dog Soldiers and Skull Knights.

AI Build radius increased from 55 to 60.

Japanese AI no longer builds Mercenaries; they also build two more Stables and Barracks. This allows them to build armies earlier in Fortress Age.

Dutch AI tested and trains Hussars, Halberdiers, Ruyters, Skirmishers, and Pikemen.

India AI trains units more evenly: it should train Ranged Infantry, Sowars, Zamburacks, and Howdah. Dutch AI build more banks and should boom a little better.

Added: AI can now train up to 25 Units in a building (up from 20), and now chooses to train from 2 Buildings at a time instead of 1 Building.

Added small Dutch economic priority, will focus a little more on gold; they have one extra bank to forecasts.

New Handling added for Settler Shipments and Wood Crates; they will be sent in case of a boom.

Iroquois AI builds more Tomahawks and Kanya Horsemen. It uses New Cards: Infantry Damage (Iroquois), Engineering School, 13 Tomahawks, 16 Tomahawks, 4 Light Cannons and Handling for these.

Dutch AI builds units always now, also prioritizes Infantry and Cavalry; It uses one New Card: Infantry Damage (Dutch).

Indian AI builds infantry always now; includes Sepoys, Gurkha, Sowars, Zamburaks and Howdah. It uses same Cards as before.

Changed Wood Priorities from 0.77 to 0.76.


British AI: Trains Dragoons, Grenadiers, Musketeers, and some Hussars.
French AI: Trains Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Skirmshers, Musketeers, some Halberdiers and Hussars
Spanish AI: Trains Lancers, Dragoons, Rodeleros, Musketeers, Skirmishers, and Hussars
Ottoman AI: Trains Hussars, Cavalry Archers, Janissaries, and some Abus Guns.
Dutch AI: Trains always Hussars, Halberdiers, Ruyters, Skirmishers and Pikemen.
Russian AI: Trains Ranged Infantry, Cossacks, Cavalry Archers, and some Halberdiers.
Portuguese AI: Trains Musketeers, Cassadors, Dragoons, Halberdiers, and some Hussars.
German AI: Trains Uhlans, Dopplesoldners, War Wagons, and some Skirmishers.
Iroquois AI: Trains Aenna, Tomahawks, Forest Prowlers, Mantlets, Kanya Horsemen, and ships units from the Homecity.
Aztec AI: No change
Sioux AI: Trains Axe Riders, Rifle Riders always, Bow Riders, Wakina Rifles and some War Clubs.
Indian AI: Trains Flail Elephants, Gurkha, Sepoys, Sowars, Zamburacks and Howdah.
Chinese AI: Trains Territorial Armies and Forbidden Armies.
Japanese AI: Trains Samurai and Naginata Riders and ships Units from the Homecity.

Easy up to 0.75 and 150 Population with 70 Villager Population.
Moderate up to 1.00 and 180 Population with 85 Villager Population.
Hard up to 1.25 and 220 Population with 99-10 Villager Population.
All Factories, second and third (if available) produce Heavy Cannons, Rockets, or Great Bombards.

Made by murdilator, aka Justus_Pacificia

Backup included of original AI Files, all needed to install is copy and paste in:

Program Files (86x), Microsoft Games, Steam, steam apps, common, Age of Empires III, bin, AI3

Then it should work next time you play skirmish or play separately online vs computer!

Both players need it installed for LAN Play or Comp Stomps online!
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Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)
Absolute fantastic!

Additional Comments:
Thanks a lot! absolute incredible work! If you don't mind if I make some suggestions... I've played your AI since the 7 and I see in your code that programming the AI to build walls is so hard and in game isn't that effective. Would be better to disable the AI to build walls? What do you think? Could you give me some hints on how to do so with your code without bugging everything please?

Thanks a lot!

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