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Downloads Home » Miscellaneous Files » AI 11 - The Flycatcher (October 23) + AI 12 - The Guardsman (July 17)

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AI 11 - The Flycatcher (October 23) + AI 12 - The Guardsman (July 17)

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: TAD
AI 11 - The Flycatcher

This AI builds mostly same as AI 10 - Horsemaster.

It is an improvement of the Horsemaster. It trains four unit types at a time. The point of making this AI is to make it more aggressive and support in team games. I also will try to make the lower difficulties a challenge.

AI is an all-rounded AI capable of several modes.

The AI works now alright for 30 Minute Treaty, especially on Age Maps or Jolly Maps.

If you've downloaded this file before, download again and replace the old with the new files.


AI 12 - The Guardsman:


Update July 17, 2022:

Removed from gWater Maps: Northwest Territory, including Custom Versions.

I did this because AI tried to invade by sea when it should have supported with units by land.


Update July 16, 2022:

Removed from gWater Maps: New England, Plymouth, NR Polynesian Atoll

And also for all custom Versions of New England and Plymouth

I did this because it was causing problems with land combat for the AI.

Added to Transport Maps: NR Bengawan Solo (an Amazonia type map), NR Pulua Seribu (a Caribbean type map), Honest Amazonia, Caribbean, Ceylon

Added to gWaterMaps: Honest Northwest Territory, Honshu


Update May 3, 2022:

Removed from gWater Maps: Indochina, Carolina, Saguenay, Patagonia, Hispaniola, California; Lrg and NR Versions

Removed from gWater Maps: NR Van Dieman's Land

This prevents AI from trying to transport units by boat on these maps.

Added: Hunting New England, Plymouth, Northwest Territory, Honshu

Added: NR Amazonia TP


Update April 12, 2022.

Added Eco Maps to AI map list: Caribbean, Ceylon, Amazonia to transport maps, and Plymouth, New England, Northwest Territory, Honshu to water maps.


Update April 10, 2022.

Easy Difficulty improved:

Easy +5 Villagers in Treaty (80 vils, 85 for Natives)
Easy +5 pop in Treaty (165 pop, 170 for Chinese)
Special Rules for Easy on Treaty with Dutch, French, Japan, China
Easy +25% handicap bonus non treaty (1.0), (0.75), to match with treaty (1.0, 1.15)
Moderate +15% handicap bonus non treaty (1.15), (1.0), to match with treaty (1.15, 1.25)


Update March 31, 2022.

Fixed NR Aysen code: AI will not build walls on this map, but will do regular wall-building on other maps


Update March 30, 2022. Unique Sea Update 4.

Removed Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR Te Tai Tokerau, NR Easter Island, NR Madagascar, NR Aysen

Special wall handling for NR Aysen added:

AI will not build walls to block off its path to the land


Update March 23, 2022. Unique Sea Update 3.

Removed Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR Gold Coast, NR Gujurat, NR Te Tai Poutini, NR Tahiti, NR Australia, NR Greenland


Update March 22, 2022. Unique Sea Update 2.

Added Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR British Isles, NR Easter Islands, NR Madagascar, NR Van Dieman's Land, NR Greenland


Update March 19, 2022. Unique Sea Update.

Added Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

Northwest Territory, New England, Plymouth, Honshu. For:

Grand Cmp, Musket, Downtown, Esport, Quest, Tryhard, Jolly,

Age, NR, Impeccable, Ruby, Standard versions of these maps.


gWaterMap = true;

Regulates the option to invade islands.

Add any custom water map to this an AI will use ships periodically.

This is different than the total approach used in Caribbean, Amazonia.


Update March 17, 2022. Sea WOL Update.

Added Transport Handling for Wars of Liberty Water Maps:

NR Falklands Islands, NR Ibalong (Phillipines), NR Galapagos,
NR Azores, NR Balkans, NR New Zealand, NR Archipelago

Added to Fishing Maps for Wars of Liberty Water Maps:

NR Falklands Islands, NR Ibalong (Phillipines), NR Galapagos, NR Marajo, NR Australia, NR Aysen, NR Azores, NR Balkans, NR Gibraltar, NR Gold Coast, NR Gujarat, NR Iberian Peninsula, NR New Zealand, NR Te Tai Tokerau (Northern New Zealand), NR Te Tai Poutini (Southern New Zealand), NR Polynesian Atoll, NR Tahiti, NR Archipelago

Note that if player invades an island, AI teammates will help, I've figured that's its a trigger based on scouting. If AI has a dock and knows about where to attack, it will invade other player's islands.


Update March 3, 2022. Sea Update.

Added Transport Handling for these water maps on these modes:

Musket, Esport, Downtown, Grand Cmp: Caribbean, Amazonia, Ceylon, Lagoon.

Also for Age: Caribbean, Amazonia, Ceylon, and Impeccable: Caribbean, Amazonia.

Added handling for Islander Pacific Sea (AI will send units across to other islands).


Musket, Esport, Downtown, Grand Cmp Honshu added to AI script as standard navy map.

Be sure to copy in the new Guardsman AI to get results!

- Version from December 26 kept in Download

Update December 26:

- Added staggering Treaty Saving for Resources in Colonial, Fortress, Industrial Ages aimed toward age up.
- This should prevent AI staying in Fortress Age in Treaty Games and focus on aging up correctly.
- To install from previous install copy the new Guardsman AI version into Data - AI3.

Update December 16: Upgrade of Flycatcher with changes:

- Maintains Shogun and Daimyo for Japan while not training them as regular units
- Special Economic Rules for Treaty for Natives, Ottomans, Japanese, French
- Special Economic Rules for Treaty for British, Spanish, Portuguese
- Imperial Age Rule for Chinese to Build one more War Academy
- Special Economic Rules for Treaty for Chinese, Dutch, Indians, Russians
- Aztecs build less Arrow Knights (0.78 + biasinf instead of 0.80 + biasinf)
- Aztecs use Temple of Coatlicue (Arrow Knights) rather than Temple of Xolotl (Villagers)
- Chinese use Western Reforms and Manchu Combat and have handling for these shipments
- Fortress Age Rule for Chinese to Build two War Academies in this age


New Flycatcher:

Update October 23:

- New Rule for Germans in Treaty Games added in Hard and Expert for more economic population before 10 minutes (100) and less after 10 minutes (95) as well as room for shipping factories with extra Uhlans in custom matches (80 military pop, 105 after 10 minutes).

- New Rule for British for upgrading Veteran and Guard Grenadiers in Imperial Age.

- New Rule added for researching Legendary Native Warriors and Exalted Native Warriors in situations when desired.

Update October 22:

- Germans train a original values (for a more balanced army).

- New Rule for Germans to always upgrade Prussian Needle Guns and Guard War Wagons in Imperial Age (for Treaty Games).

Update October 20:

- Aztecs train a bit less Arrow Knights and more War Hut Units. 

Update October 8:

- AI now uses 0.25 for Offense Bonus and 0.20 for Defense Bonus.

Update October 7: 

- AI has less Aggressive Values in a Defensive Reflex (0.25 instead of 0.35).

- AI no longer transports military units on Honshu and NR Honshu; this interfered with land gameplay.


New Flycatcher:

Update September 29: 

- AI now uses Fishing Boats correctly as I tested something in the previous version.


Update September 28:

- AI has more aggressive bonus values and less defensive values: Opportunity Attack increased to 0.3 (0.2), Opportunity Defense given 0.35 bonus for attack (0.15). This should help them focus on attacking armies and saving allies a bit less.

- British AI now uses Infinite Grenadiers Card instead of 3 Rockets. 

- Included August 11 Version in the Download


Update August 11:

- Added staggered resources savings for non-Treaty Games.

- AIs gather for 2 Town Centers in Fortress rather than 1.

- Added Handling for Naval Maps, including 20 Fishing Boat boom on water maps, and Transport Handling for NR Caribbean, NR Ceylon, NR Amazonia, NR Honshu and Island Polynesia. Expect naval invasions!

- Portuguese now research Econmedia Manor from Church card.

- British AI now always builds 2 Additional Town Centers.

- Maritime Maps also handled in AI script.

- Added Island Polynesia to Fishing Maps


- Update August 9: Improved German AI, Added new cards and handling for these cards. I did this after testing and trying out what I thought would be best.

- Changed Germans: Uhlans to 0.95, War Wagons to 0.79, enabled Mercenaries for Germans, 0.5 Bias Cav, 1.0 Native Bias for Germans (This means German AI can now do many more things and build a balanced army every game and beat other AIs).

- Removed Market from Europeans in Industrial and Asians in Imperial, priority 25 from 55.

- Changed 6 Infinite Grenadiers to Improved Grenades Card for British

- Changed 8 Richelieu's Regiment to Throughbreds Card for French

- Changed 6 Spahi to Irregulars for Ottomans

- Added Military Reforms for Dutch

- Added Siege Discipline for Iroquois

These Cards should appear in AI Decks in games with Homecity Level 100 or above.

- Version from July 27 included in Download


- Update July 27: Chinese no longer tries to build Light Infantry, only Banner Armies. Aztec AI trains more Jaguar Prowl Knights and less Coyote Runners.

- Update July 19: Aztecs Unit Priorities redefined. I have given Aztecs a Civ Bias of 0.5 BiasInf and 0.5 BiasCav (which also works for Light Infantry), and in addition extra Priorities for the Knight Units first, then War Hut Units second. This means that they will constantly train units while they have resources for them.

- All AIs can now make use of Light Infantry, not just Aztecs.

- AIs now use 10-20 units in training queue rather than 10-25.

- Update July 18: Aztecs train old priorities with General Units. AI uses 1 Building training as I found it bugged up the code previously. I had two values before: 10-25 units with 2 Buildings and 10-20 units with 1 Building. I now corrected this to 10-25 units with 1 Building for both of them.

- AI uses 85 Military Units in Industrial and 100 in Imperial (up from 80 Industrial, 110 Imperial; original was 70 Industrial, 90 Imperial).

- Aztec AI on account of less units in Imperial now again spawns Skull Knights when there is military population available; Sioux AI should also spawn Dog Soldiers.

- German AI trains more Skirmishers.

- Indians, Chinese, Japanese now have secondary and tertiary btOffenseDefense increased to 0.45 (up from 0.35); the normal value remains 0.50. This should prevent them from camping in their bases until very late game (1 hour).

- Version from July 3rd included in download


- Update 3 July 2021: 2 Building Unit Training once again.

- Update 2 July 2021: Military Units trained from 1 Building instead of 2 at a time, like in AI 9 - Big Daddy.

- Included Original Flycatcher in Download.

- Update 1 July 2021: Extra Market built in Imperial Age by Asians rather than Industrial; this should help Wonder Age ups to Imperial. It is still built in Industrial by Europeans and Natives.

- Update 5 May 2021: Original Flycatcher uploaded because of encountering online issues.

- Update 27 April 2021: French AI trains original values.


Things Different in AI:

- Rice Paddies can be build 5 distance (down from 8). Asians try to get an additional Rice Paddy in Imperial (up to 5).

- Maximum Army Unit count increased to 80 for Industrial (70) and 110 for Imperial (90).

- German AI trains more Dopplesoldners, Uhlans, less War Wagons and less Mercenaries, same amount of Skirmishers

- Japanese AI no longer tries to train Arsonists or Flaming Arrow Artillery (Arsonists are not classified as Mercenaries).

- AIs for Ottoman, Dutch, British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russians, have been made more aggressive (0.45, 0.50, 0.55)

- Turtle Up Rule increased to +0.8 so that Civs can eventually receive increased OffenseDefense while still being able to build walls and towers (up from +0.6).



British AI: Trains Dragoons, Grenadiers, Musketeers, and some Hussars.
French AI: Trains Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Skirmshers, Musketeers, some Halberdiers and Hussars
Spanish AI: Trains Lancers, Dragoons, Rodeleros, Musketeers, Skirmishers, and Hussars
Ottoman AI: Trains Hussars, Cavalry Archers, Janissaries, and some Abus Guns.
Dutch AI: Trains always Hussars, Halberdiers, Ruyters, Skirmishers and Pikemen.
Russian AI: Trains Ranged Infantry, Cossacks, Cavalry Archers, and some Halberdiers.
Portuguese AI: Trains Musketeers, Cassadors, Dragoons, Halberdiers, and some Hussars.
German AI: Trains Dopplesoldners, Uhlans, War Wagons, and some Skirmishers.
Iroquois AI: Trains Aenna, Tomahawks, Forest Prowlers, Mantlets, Kanya Horsemen, and ships units from the Homecity.
Aztec AI: Trains Eagle Knights, Jaguar Prowl Knights, Macehualtins, Coyote Runners, Puma Spearmen, Arrow Knights
Sioux AI: Trains Axe Riders, Rifle Riders always, Bow Riders, Wakina Rifles and some War Clubs.
Indian AI: Trains Flail Elephants, Gurkha, Sepoys, Sowars, Zamburacks and Howdah.
Chinese AI: Trains Territorial Armies and Forbidden Armies.
Japanese AI: Trains Samurai, Naginata Riders and Ashigaru and ships Units from the Homecity.

Easy up to 0.75 (now 1.0) and 150 Population with 70-80 Villager Population.
Moderate up to 1.00 (now 1.15) and 185 Population with 85-90 Villager Population.
Hard up to 1.25 and 200-220 Population with 90-95 Villager Population.
Expert stays at 1.5 and 200-220 Population with 90-95 Villager Population.
All Factories, second and third (if available) produce Heavy Cannons, Rockets, or Great Bombards.

Made by murdilator, aka Justus_Pacificia

Backup included of original AI Files, all needed to install is copy and paste in:

Program Files (86x), Microsoft Games, Steam, steam apps, common, Age of Empires III, bin, AI3

Then it should work next time you play skirmish or play separately online vs computer!

Both players need it installed for LAN Play or Comp Stomps online!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
I have uploaded a video which has screenshots of the AI playing online as an Ally for each Player:


Skim through the video and see what the AI can do!
File Author
On a test, the stock game AI on Hard got 535, 568, and 743 score on Tryhard Maps by 20 minutes; on the next test, the Flycatcher AI on Hard got 820, 900, 900 score on Tryhard Maps by 20 minutes. So, the improved AI is 50% better while upgrading its units. This is no superman test: the AI gets few unfair bonuses.

On a 4v4 on Tryhard Maps the Flycatcher AI got 800-900-1100 score by 20 minutes.
File Author
The Computer beat me at Ivory Silk Road where I thought there was a treaty period and he rushed me continually and whittled down my units and resources. And that's coming from me, a top 10 custom map player in Asian Dynasties.

Japanese Computer: 496 units killed
Portuguese Me: 250 units killed

Score: Compuuter 1200, Me 800, 20 minutes 50 seconds.

After finding out that there was no treaty, I decided to try and see if I could beat it on Hard rather than re-hosting the game with Treaty 20.

It beat me!

Him: 50000 unspent resources, Me 15000 unspent resources.

[Edited on 06/14/21 @ 02:57 AM]

File Author
A fellow I played with described the AI script like this:

"It is Good, it plays like a real person."


"It is a good write."

"This long" (of game. It was a 2v2, 56 minute game).
File Author
The AI now plays Treaty 20, 30, 40 and can do so on any regular map.

On Carolina original with Treaty 30 Henry the Navigator on Expert got 1050 score with an army got to Imperial Age by 29 minutes, I had 1400 score as India and both of us Water Boomed.

Please share with friends and host Treaty Games online! The AI will use better cards the higher homecity levels you have, so for a great game use a Level 120 Homecity. It plays well on level 80 or level 60 homecity, but not as well as when it has access to buy more cards - after all it buys them every game like a normal player!
File Author
The Flycatcher AI got the following score on two basic, no unit or resource added, versions of Carolina and Andes - Upper, with +5 Town Center Build Limit (AI built up to four Town Centers), and Dutch +15 Settler Build limit.

Scores Treaty 30 Carolina Expert

Portuguese: 1302 (1490+) 95 vils
British: 1406 (1576+) 95 vils
Spanish: 1226 (1296+) 95 vils
French: 1362 (1489+) 85 vils
German: 1140 (1280+) 79 vils; 95 vil pop
Dutch: 1511 (1669+) 80 vils; with +15 vil build limit
Russian: 1311 (1475+) 99 vils
Ottoman: 1048 (1212+) 83 vils
Japanese: 1113 (1235+) 85 vils
Indian: 1378 (1502+) 105 vils
Chinese: 1305 (1423+) 95 vils
Aztecs: 1013 (1073+) 99 vils
Iroquois: 819 (1011+) 107 vils
Sioux: 914 (1038+) 99 vils


Scores Treaty 30 Andes Upper Expert

Portuguese: 1478 (1550+) 95 vils
British: 1435 (1600+) 95 vils
Spanish: 1159 (1350+) 95 vils
French: 1116 (1200+) 55 vils
German: 1035 (1220+) 64 vils; 84 vil pop
Dutch: 1324 (1477+) 65 vils; with +15 vil build limit
Russian: 1525 (1718+) 95 vils
Ottoman: 1001 (1121+) 62 vils
Japanese: 1017 (1170+) 68 vils
Indian: 1313 (1475+) 95 vils
Chinese: 1285 (1545+) 95 vils
Aztecs: 1162 (1307+) 95 vils
Iroquois: 942 (1103+) 93 vils
Sioux: 749 (876+) 95 vils


As can be seen through this test, the 1v1 scores indicate a water map and a land map.

Some of the Land Scores are higher, and some of the water scores are higher, depending on civilization.
Luck1Se7en This AI is really good and well made,like you are playing against real player!Especially if you are playing against more than 2 bots,their coordinated attacks are brutal and hard to defend.When you try to infiltrate one of the bots,others will try to help him.You actually need to use tactics and make correct troops(it's impossible to win against them by just spamming OP troop like Cuirassier) in order to defeat them.In my opinion,this is the best AI for AOE3 legacy that i have found on this forum by far!
This AI is really good and well made,like you are playing against real player!Especially if you are playing against more than 2 bots,their coordinated attacks are brutal and hard to defend.When you try to infiltrate one of the bots,others will try to help him.You actually need to use tactics and make correct troops in order to defeat them(it's impossible to win against them by just spamming OP troop like Cuirassier).In my opinion,this is the best AI for AOE3 legacy that i have found on this forum by far!

[Edited on 01/15/22 @ 05:09 PM]

File Author
Another way to play with the AI is to give all players including self 50% Handicap bonus, and give the AI players +50% Handicap bonus, so that they can age up quickly in say a 20 minute treaty or 30 minute treaty without hinderance.

I suggest this even in online play with regular maps with the AI. It makes for more exciting games and even though you don't get XP for it, you can still get a thrill with having less villagers and still have a good game!

A +50% Bonus to Human Players makes trees, hunted animals, berries, mines, fish give +50% more out of their resources, and +50% faster.

I highly recommend bonus for anyone who wants a short treaty games on non-custom maps with lots of action-packed fighting.

Note that on custom maps I recommend only having bonus for human players.

50% bonus for AI will give 1.5 x 1.5, which would be 2.25 bonus (+125%) to resource gathering for the Expert and 1.25 x 1.5 for Hard which would be 1.875 bonus (+87.5%) to resource gathering.

Also remember that only Expert works online, so whatever bonus you choose, whether +25% or +50% it will always be times the number for original, so 25% Handicap, 1.5 x 1.25, would be 87.5% like a Hard on 50% bonus.

I also recommend using handicaps online so that Native American civilizations will age up more normally, without the factories that Europeans have or Wonders like Asians have.
File Author
There is a new video of the Guardsman AI here with screenshots:


Be sure to check it out!
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