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N3O Patch 1.3z3Qc Added Pack (July 17)

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
This work has been something that I have wanted to release here for quite a time, and now here it is!

It now includes a powerful AI that plays all Civs! Included also are new maps, in case you want that.

It works on LAN, but not fully functional on Online. Backup of general files included if you want to uninstall.

Fan Patch 1.3 gives you all the flairs of Age of Empires 4 but rather than adding new civilizations, it enhances their attributes and gives each civilization unique techs that they can upgrade.

New Buildings include Observatory, Tribal Council's Hut, Great Temple.

Based on historical research done by myself years back.

There is a general list of Patch Notes included in with the file; these are mostly correct and there are a few small things not mentioned in them.

This is my master creation.

I will release any new changes here made to this version of the added pack.

Changes from Previous Version & AI:

- AI Plays all civilizations and all game modes, especially NR30 and DM.

- Updated a fix in the AI to build Capitol always, and skip out on second Market I added previously.

- Updated Spanish AI not to use Spanish Square as in Treaty it prevented them getting enough Villagers.

- Made Tomahawks cost 1 population space (not 0); removed 100 Build limit to regular training.

- Made Aztec AI train more Jaguar Prowl Knights, less Coyote Runners.

- Chinese AI fixed training of Banner Armies; it no longer tries to build Light Infantry.
Added missing sounds for Rocket Ship and VC Frigate.

- Made Cavalry Archers 265 HP, 13 Damage, 3.0x vs Cavalry, 2.4x vs Coyote Runner type units

- Made Landsknechts 4.25 speed, 1.1x vs Heavy Infantry.

- Made Barbary Corsairs 1.5x vs Cavalry and Light Infantry.

- Updated Techtree to make Kalmucks get 30% armor in Industrial.

- Updated Portuguese AI to not use Mercenaries and Ottoman AI to not spam Barbary Corsairs.


Update July 17, 2022:

Removed from gWater Maps: Northwest Territory, including Custom Versions.

I did this because AI tried to invade by sea when it should have supported with units by land.


Update July 16, 2022:

Removed from gWater Maps: New England, Plymouth, NR Polynesian Atoll

And also for all custom Versions of New England and Plymouth

I did this because it was causing problems with land combat for the AI.

Added to Transport Maps: NR Bengawan Solo (an Amazonia type map), NR Pulua Seribu (a Caribbean type map), Honest Amazonia, Caribbean, Ceylon

Added to gWaterMaps: Honest Northwest Territory, Honshu


Update May 3, 2022:

Removed from gWater Maps: Indochina, Carolina, Saguenay, Patagonia, Hispaniola, California; Lrg and NR Versions

Removed from gWater Maps: NR Van Dieman's Land

This prevents AI from trying to transport units by boat on these maps.

Added: Hunting New England, Plymouth, Northwest Territory, Honshu

Added: NR Amazonia TP


Update April 28, 2022.


Imperial Age for Europeans no longer gives Asian Bank -1 Build Limit (for starts with Bank Wagon)
Added for Business Entrepreneurs Asian Bank +1 Build Limit (affects non-Dutch Civs)
This is for NR Maps, where player starts with Bank Wagon so that they can get both starting bank wagon,
and so that they can also get second bank wagon from Business Entrepreneurs.


Observatory added to Pilgrims, Asian Settlers, Japanese Settlers, Indian Settlers, Native Settlers
Tribal Council's Hut, Aztec Temple added to Pilgrims, Asian Settlers, Japanese Settlers, Indian Settlers
This is for Quest Maps, for Europeans and Natives to build Observatories, Tribal Council's Huts, Aztec Temples.

Be sure to copy in the new protoy, techtree, and protoy.xml.xmb and techtreey.xml.xmb.


Update April 12, 2022.

Added Eco Maps to AI map list: Caribbean, Ceylon, Amazonia to transport maps, and Plymouth, New England, Northwest Territory, Honshu to water maps.


Update April 10, 2022.

Easy Difficulty improved:

Easy +5 Villagers in Treaty (80 vils, 85 for Natives)
Easy +5 pop in Treaty (165 pop, 170 for Chinese)
Special Rules for Easy on Treaty with Dutch, French, Japan, China
Easy +25% handicap bonus non treaty (1.0), (0.75), to match with treaty (1.0, 1.15)
Moderate +15% handicap bonus non treaty (1.15), (1.0), to match with treaty (1.15, 1.25)


Update March 31, 2022.

Fixed NR Aysen code: AI will not build walls on this map, but will do regular wall-building on other maps


Update March 30, 2022. Unique Sea Update 4.

Removed Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR Te Tai Tokerau, NR Easter Island, NR Madagascar, NR Aysen

Special wall handling for NR Aysen added:

AI will not build walls to block off its path to the land


Update March 23, 2022. Unique Sea Update 3.

Removed Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR Gold Coast, NR Gujurat, NR Te Tai Poutini, NR Tahiti, NR Australia, NR Greenland


Update March 22, 2022. Unique Sea Update 2.

Added Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR British Isles, NR Easter Islands, NR Madagascar, NR Van Dieman's Land, NR Greenland


Update March 19, 2022. Unique Sea Update.

Added Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

Northwest Territory, New England, Plymouth, Honshu. For:

Grand Cmp, Musket, Downtown, Esport, Quest, Tryhard, Jolly,

Age, NR, Impeccable, Ruby, Standard versions of these maps.


gWaterMap = true;

Regulates the option to invade islands.

Add any custom water map to this an AI will use ships periodically.

This is different than the total approach used in Caribbean, Amazonia.


Update March 17, 2022. Sea WOL Update.

Added Transport Handling for Wars of Liberty Water Maps:

NR Falklands Islands, NR Ibalong (Phillipines), NR Galapagos,
NR Azores, NR Balkans, NR New Zealand, NR Archipelago

Added to Fishing Maps for Wars of Liberty Water Maps:

NR Falklands Islands, NR Ibalong (Phillipines), NR Galapagos, NR Marajo, NR Australia, NR Aysen, NR Azores, NR Balkans, NR Gibraltar, NR Gold Coast, NR Gujarat, NR Iberian Peninsula, NR New Zealand, NR Te Tai Tokerau (Northern New Zealand), NR Te Tai Poutini (Southern New Zealand), NR Polynesian Atoll, NR Tahiti, NR Archipelago

Note that if player invades an island, AI teammates will help, I've figured that's its a trigger based on scouting. If AI has a dock and knows about where to attack, it will invade other player's islands.


Update March 3, 2022. Sea Update.

Added Transport Handling for these water maps on these modes:

Musket, Esport, Downtown, Grand Cmp: Caribbean, Amazonia, Ceylon, Lagoon.

Also for Age: Caribbean, Amazonia, Ceylon, and Impeccable: Caribbean, Amazonia.

Added handling for Islander Pacific Sea (AI will send units across to other islands).


Musket, Esport, Downtown, Grand Cmp Honshu added to AI script as standard navy map.

Be sure to copy in the new N3O Guardsman AI to get results!

- Version from December 27 kept in Download

Update December 27:

- Added staggering Treaty Saving for Resources in Colonial, Fortress, Industrial Ages aimed toward age up.
- This should prevent AI staying in Fortress Age in Treaty Games and focus on aging up correctly.
- To install from previous install copy the new Guardsman AI version into Data - AI3.

Update December 16: Added Guardsman AI, which plays Treaty Games better

- Maintains Shogun and Daimyo for Japan while not training them as regular units
- Special Economic Rules for Treaty for Natives, Ottomans, Japanese, French
- Special Economic Rules for Treaty for British, Spanish, Portuguese
- Imperial Age Rule for Chinese to Build one more War Academy
- Special Economic Rules for Treaty for Chinese, Dutch, Indians, Russians
- Aztecs build less Arrow Knights (0.78 + biasinf instead of 0.80 + biasinf)
- Aztecs use Temple of Coatlicue (Arrow Knights) rather than Temple of Xolotl (Villagers)
- Chinese use Western Reforms and Manchu Combat and have handling for these shipments
- Fortress Age Rule for Chinese to Build two War Academies in this age


Update October 23:

- Updated Abilities file for Rocket Ship, Clipper, French Privateer, Dutch Privateer, VC Frigate

- Updated sound files for French Privateer and Dutch Privateer

- Fixed German AI Priorities to build Native Warriors and Mercenaries when available

- German AI now uses more Cavalry Bias, and less Uhlans and more War Wagons

- Added in AI Improved Grenades Card for British, Thoroughbreds Card for French, Military Reforms for Dutch, Irregulars for Ottomans, Siege Discipline for Iroquois

- Removed Infinite Grenadiers Card from British, removed Richelieu's Regiment from French

- Added AI resource savings for non-Treaty Games, staggering from past 10 minutes and up

- AIs gather for 2 Additional Town Centers in Fortress instead of gathering for 1

- Portuguese use Econmedia Manor for Church Card

- British now build 2 additional Town Centers always

- Added in AI map handling for Water Maps, 20 Fishing Boat boom used on most water maps

- Added AI handling for some of my Custom Maps, including NR Ceylon, NR Caribbean, NR Amazonia where the AI will transport armies over the ocean to attack just as on regular versions.

- Allowed AI to train navies every time in most water maps.

- Included Protoy.xmb and Techtree.xmb so that the mod it will work on new Computers.
If an old computer and new computer are playing, make sure to install it along with the regular copy and paste install.

- Updated civs.xml file for Chinese Territorial Armies: they no longer give 1 Iron Flail along with Arquebusiers and Changdao Swordsmen.

- AI now builds fishing boats and navy on Island Polynesia.

- AI has more aggressive bonus values and less defensive values:
Opportunity Attack increased to 0.3 (0.2), Opportunity Defense given 0.35 bonus for attack (0.15).
This should help them focus on attacking armies and saving allies a bit less.

- British AI now uses Infinite Grenadiers Card instead of 3 Rockets.

- AI now uses Fishing Boats correctly as I tested something in the previous version.

- AI again uses 0.25 for Opportunity Defense (0.35).

- AI no longer transports military units on Honshu and NR Honshu; this interfered with land gameplay.

- AI now uses 0.25 for Offense Bonus and 0.20 for Defense Bonus.

- Aztec AI now builds less Arrow Knights and more War Hut units.

- Germans train units with original values (more balanced army).

- Germans AI now always upgrades Prussian Needle Guns and Guard War Wagons in Imperial Age (for Treaty Games).

- New Rule for Germans in Treaty Games added in Hard and Expert for more economic population before 10 minutes (100) and less after 10 minutes (95) as well as room for shipping factories with extra Uhlans in custom matches (80 military pop, 105 after 10 minutes).

- New Rule for British for upgrading Veteran and Guard Grenadiers in Imperial Age.

- New Rule added for researching Legendary Native Warriors and Exalted Native Warriors in situations when desired.

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File Author
No one knows until they see the Longest Day! Happy WWII Victory and have fun with this great mod pack.

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