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Downloads Home » Random Map Scripts » Age Knights and Barbarians Maps (September 7)

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Age Knights and Barbarians Maps (September 7)

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Game Version: TAD
The maps here are from Knights and Barbarians Mod, and I have made them possible to play on Asian Dynasties.

They are given my custom Age Map start.


Each Map features:
100 XP (Half a Shipment)
500 Export
100 Food, 100 Wood and 100 Gold
+5 TC Build Limit
1 Town Center
1 Covered Wagon
1 Mango Grove Rickshaw
+7 Outpost/Blockhouse Limit

Maps included:

Age KnB:

Crusader Fortress
Massif Central
Nile Delta

Added February 11, 2023:

Age Nejd Trade
Age Sahara Trade

On these two maps, player get 5 wood trickle per 2 seconds.
This is due to lack of trees on Nejd and few trees on Sahara.

Update August 6, 2023:

- Updated Hedjaz to be of its 50% original size
- Updated Nejd to be 37.5% of its original size
- Updated Sahara to be 50% of its original size
- Updated Hedjaz to 1.65x Long Side (was 1.8x) so map is shorter length
- Updated Hedjaz with wider Wadi Crossings (650, 650; was 450, 450)
- Updated Hedjaz smaller Sea (x1500+8000 instead of x1500+10000)
- Updated Hedjaz with more trees (groups of 4-6 rather than 2-4)

Update August 7, 2023:

- Updated Sicily to have starting Berry Bushes as in NR Maps Treasures

Update August 9, 2023:

- Updated Nile Delta to have right map type

Added September 7, 2023:

Age Alps
Age Andalusia
Age Greek Archipelago
Age Lake Geneva
Age River Rhine
Age Savannah

A new map set is included: Age Knights and Barbarians Maps.

In addition, Modify Protounit has allowed the following to work on each map:

- Mango Groves Enabled
- Forts +2 Build Limit (3 Without Cards)
- Outlaws 1 Pop and +100 HP
- Halberdier -10 Gold Cost (60), Ruyters -5 food, -5 gold (25, 70)
- TP -100 Wood Cost (from the Asian Dynasties)
- Cuirassier -25 Base HP and -5 Gold and -5 Food Cost (475 HP, 145, 145)
- Oprichnik -25 Base HP and +30 Food Cost (225 HP; 120, 60), Strelet -5s train time (Instant with Cards)
- Indian Rajputs -20 wood (15), +10 HP (160)
- Mahouts -150 food, -25 wood (250, 225), -5s train time (55), -2 population (5)
- Indian Gurkha -5 gold (45), +10 HP (125), Flail Elephants +1 speed (5)
- Monitor Cost decreased by 200 Gold
- Portuguese start the game with +50 Wood
- Tomahawks -0 food (75), Kanya Horsemen -25 wood, Mantlets -25 wood
- Ashigarus +10 gold (50), +1s train time (34), -1 speed (3.50), Yabusames -20 gold (130)
- Samurai -10 Food and Gold (90, 90), +10 HP (240), -1s train time (44)
- Dog Soldiers -40s train time, Skull Knights -25s train time
- Iroquois Travois -15s train time, Medicine Men -15s train time, Warrior Priests -10s train time
- Heavy Cannons, Great Bombards, Rockets +100 HP, Gatling Guns +50 HP
- Outposts, Warhuts, Nobles Huts, Blockhouses +7 Build limit, Castles +5 Build limit
- Dutch +15 Settler Build Limit (65)
- Axe Riders -40 Food Cost (120)
- Town Centers +5 Build Limit (6 in Colonial, 8 in Fortress)

Place in My Documents - My Games - Age of Empires III - RM3

Then run Age of Empires III: Asian Dynasties and select "Custom Maps" in Single Player or Online to play.

Plays best with Flycatcher + Guardsman or Klaxon AI installed.

Feel free to try the Klaxon on 2v2 with Hard or Expert Difficulty, or Post-Imperial.

Please enjoy the maps!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
mandalorone hello muridator
I wanted to ask you for help with something
I am trying to modify the map of Lombardia, I play with the mod napoleonic era and I try to put natives to the map, Maltese and Bavarians.
I write

int subCiv0=-1;
int subCiv1=-1;
int subCiv2=-1;
if (rmAllocateSubCivs(3) == true)
// Native 1
rmSetSubCiv(0, "bavarians", true);

// Native 2
rmSetSubCiv(1, "bavarians");

// Native 3
rmSetSubCiv(2, "maltese");

// Text

// Define and place the 3 natives: 2 Franks and 1 Goths

// Native 1, to western side
int nativeVillageType = -1;
int nativeVillageID = rmCreateGrouping("franks village", "NE native bavarian village "+nativeVillageType);
rmSetGroupingMinDistance(nativeVillageID, 0.0);
rmSetGroupingMaxDistance(nativeVillageID, 10.0);
rmAddGroupingToClass(nativeVillageID, rmClassID("natives"));
rmPlaceGroupingAtLoc(nativeVillageID, 0, 0.3, 0.88);

// Native 2, to eastern side
int nativeVillage2Type = -1;
int nativeVillage2ID = rmCreateGrouping("franks village 2", "NE native bavarian village "+nativeVillage2Type);
rmSetGroupingMinDistance(nativeVillage2ID, 0.0);
rmSetGroupingMaxDistance(nativeVillage2ID, 10.0);
rmAddGroupingToClass(nativeVillage2ID, rmClassID("natives"));
rmPlaceGroupingAtLoc(nativeVillage2ID, 0, 0.7, 0.12);

// Native 3, to middle, only if more than 6 players
if (cNumberNonGaiaPlayers >= 6)
int nativeVillage3Type = -1;
int nativeVillage3ID = rmCreateGrouping("franks village 3", "NE native maltese village "+nativeVillage3Type);
rmSetGroupingMinDistance(nativeVillage3ID, 0.0);
rmSetGroupingMaxDistance(nativeVillage3ID, 10.0);
rmAddGroupingToClass(nativeVillage3ID, rmClassID("natives"));
rmPlaceGroupingAtLoc(nativeVillage3ID, 0, 0.5, 0.5);

Am I doing something wrong?
File Author
I haven't worked with that mod before, so I wouldn't know the details.

I think you're very close to doing the natives right. It has to been the correct space between the name the the native settlement, such as "Carib Settlement 0" or "Jesuit Settlement Borneo 0 ".

It's been a while since I've done native settlements and I don't have much experience so I don't know what to say,

But thanks for asking anyways!
mandalorone It is possible, sometimes it is just a matter of a letter or a zero.
gruntingjim The rm above class statements can be problematic ace those, mabey. I've played these map are vivid panarama.
File Author
Here is a new map mode that I've made, Basic Maps, which is a generic start with no extra units, no extra resources, no balance changes, but with AI compatibility:


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