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Mission 3, new enemies

Author File Description
MattsAgeMapsRule well i finally got part 3 to work propally and had someone test it, and it worked better for him than for me. YOU MUST DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO! like when they say follow me, you have to follow him, unless like in the mountain pass where they stop you must continue. once you get to your ally's base well it gets a whole lot easier to play, hint when you get there DEFEND like crazy. and when you think you are ready to attack leave an defence army behind you would know where to put them once you get there. well if something didn't work or anything just comment me, it works great for me, i still am trying to beat it. have fun...
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AN_Nuisance Ok I am at 31 minutes of game play....I followed the Aztecs...purportedly to my allies base...but I'm on a small penisula with berry bushes and they stopped...I walked around and found my allies base, but showing up there without my aztec guides does not turn them for my use...my aztec guides stayed on the penisula and wont move...meanwhile red has destroyed the majority of my trade posts...I'll see what happens but at the moment nothing is happening...
AN_Nuisance At 40 minutes of game play the red army has gone industrial and my score is static...still the allies have not turned for my use and the aztecs are still on the penninsula
AN_Nuisance ok...at 50 minutes of game play...no change...except red has now gone imperial age...my allies have not turned so I can't use them...the Aztecs are still on the pennisula...I haver taken my hero there...then my whole army there...still nothing....bummer looks to be a good one too...

[Edited on 10/03/06 @ 07:55 PM]

AN_Nuisance Playability: 4
There is a lot to do on this map...enemies, treasures, battles, Indians...highly playable...triggers worked well. The only issue I saw was the first time I tried it my Aztec guides stopped without getting me to my allies base...the second time it worked fine.

Balance: 4
There is a good aggresive AI...well stocked with units of various types...I don't think the AI could've taken the allies base or I would've given you a 5. I built extra walls around my ally that I could repair which helped a lot. I did notice that red took some Indian trade posts but never built any Indians...

Creativity: 5
This was a cool map to play...creative design, great idea...a well rounded piece that really comes together.

Map Design: 5
Exellent map design...tons of eye candy...well laid out

Story/Instructions: 5
Really good objectives and intructions!

Additional Comments:
This is a great scenario...very very cool...takes awhile to play it but overall I think it rocked! Great Job!

[Edited on 12/04/06 @ 01:21 PM]

AN_Nuisance Oh yeah I almost forgot....at the end it goes straight to the main menu with no "You Win" or anything...never got to see the game stats....
File Author
ya i know, i can't figure out which trigger to use to make the game end normally, the thing about the indians stopping, well it shouldn't of even happened i have no idea why it did for you, more things to try, and this goes for everyone this map works the best of expert, so if you played it one normal well i'm sure you won. lol, now so i make changes, i was thinking, adding factorys so they will always have resourses because if you just go into defence and wait for like an hour they stop building armies and you can easyly kill them. and if anyone knows a way to end the game the right way, please tell me. i think that is all for now
Official Reviewer

The triggers needed for the "You Win" message at the end are easy.

Check out either one of my last two scenarios - "Conquer the Stronghold" or "Geronimo's Revenge".

It's one trigger with 3 effects.

It would take you 2 minutes to add it.
Just looke for the "You Win" trigger.

By the way, I have played your "Jail Break" scenarios and reviewed it too.
It was very fun.

I guess I need to play mission 2 before I play this one.

[Edited on 10/04/06 @ 09:37 AM]

AN_Nuisance The first time I tried it the Aztecs stopped on the lil pennisula but the second time it worked perfectly...Factories would be handy for both sides...extra resources or heavy cannons/rockets would make the battles bigger and more exciting.

[Edited on 10/05/06 @ 12:38 AM]

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