Ensemble Studio’s Age of Empires IIIā„¢ challenges you to explore, conquer and colonize the New World as you build up your massive Empire. Here are some of the features:

  • Engage in Epic Battles – Age of Empires III gives you unprecedented control over every unit you possess, giving much more strategic depth than in previous games! Watch your Musketeers shoot volleys of bullets at enemy units, fight off horses with their bayonets, and throw torches at enemy buildings, all of which you can control and micro-manage with a single soldier!
  • Home City – Have your Home City back in Europe assist your colony, allowing you to earn shipments of resources, technologies, and even military units. With a different Home City for each civilization, each with unique and extensive decks of cards, the strategies are endless!
  • Single Player Campaign – Step in the shoes of Morgan Black, one of the Knights of Saint John, who raises his family in the Americas. The entire campaign plays through three acts and 24 scenarios, each detailing Morgan and his family’s adventures in the New World!
  • Stunning Graphics – Play in a bright, sunny world, with excellent shading, realistic terrain, and beautiful water, making the gameplay incredibly realistic.
  • Diverse Civilizations – Play one of eight (now 14 including The War Chiefs and The Asian Dynasties expansions) civilizations, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Play as the Russians and create cheap, massive armies, or play as the Spanish and get extensive support from your Home City!
  • Real-World Physics – Say goodbye to canned death animations; Age of Empires III introduces the addition of the Havok physics engine into RTS gaming, allowing you to knock the enemy soldiers off of their feet with cannons, blow holes in buildings, puncture the sails of enemy naval vessels, and much more!
  • New Multiplayer! – With an all new online service, ESO2, you will have the ability to compare persistent Home Cities, chat with friends, join clans, make friends and pests lists, monitor your progress on dozens of ladders, and work to unlock new avatars for your online persona, all without leaving the game!