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Age of Empires III: Game Info Central

  • Units (8 KB)
  • Units and Buildings
  • Check the stats and descriptions of the several military and civilian units and buildings that keep your colony grow and prosper
  • Civilizations (8 KB)
  • Civilizations
  • Find out information about each of the eight unique civilizations
  • Ages (10 KB)
  • Ages
  • Learn about the five different ages in Age of Empires III
  • Home Cities (8 KB)
  • Home Cities
  • Your Home City back in Europe is waiting to help you; find out how it can assist you in your conquests!
  • History (8 KB)
  • History
  • Read about the real-world history that this RTS is based on
  • Random Maps (8 KB)
  • Random Maps
  • Learn more about the geographic locations in the New World, where you will face both native and rivals who will make it their mission to keep you out
  • Resources (10 KB)
  • Resources
  • From hunting to mining, see the various ways to collect resources
  • Cheats (10 KB)
  • Cheats
  • Interested in playing around with the cheats? Here's the place!