New Features

With the announcement of The Asian Dynasties, Big Huge Games and Ensemble Studios have promised new features and exciting gameplay additions. Below is what information we have gathered on we think are the most notable of the new units, gameplay concepts, modes and ideas.

ยป Wonders | Campaign | Hotkeys


Updated: 14th August

Unlike their Native American and European counterparts, the Asian civilizations will not click a button to age up at their Town Center. Instead, they will have to build a Wonder, a special building unique to the Asian civilizations. After it’s completion, the civilization will be in the next age. It is confirmed that there will be 15 different wonders total in the game, most likely 5 for each civilization.

For more detailed information about Wonders, check the Wonder Guide in our Strategy Section!


Porcelain Tower
Power: Like a European Factory, this wonder generates a trickle of whatever the player chooses: food, wood, coin, experience points, or export points.

Confucian Academy
Power: Spawns a flying crow on a regular basis.

Summer Palace
Power: Spawns a banner army of whatever the player chooses.

Temple of Heaven
Power: Heals all your units on the map once. Plus, gives your monk the ability to heal units.

White Pagoda
Power: Increases attack and hitpoints of your monk and disciples. It also raises the amount of disciples your monk can train.


Taj Mahal
Power: Enables a play to use a Cease-fire ability.

Karni Mata
Power: Provides a gather bonus to nearby villagers.

Agra Fort
Power: Strong Fortress, but weaker than a European Fort.

Tower of Victory
Power: “Inspiration”. For a short period of time your military units’ attacks, speed, and hit-points increase.

Charminar Gate
Power: Enables the training of special higher-ranking “mansabdar” versions of normal units. Mansabdars have twice the hit points of normal units and provide an attack and hit-point boost to nearby units of the same type.


Toshogu Shrine
Power: A large Shrine and increases Shrine income.
Ships Trade.

Giant Buddha
Power: Informers – reveals enemies for a short time.
Ships Naginata Riders.

Golden Pavilion
Power: Choose a bonus to military units. Contains Advanced Arsenal techs.
Ships Yumi Archers.

The Shogunate
Power: Military units train faster and cost less.
Ships Daimyo and XP.

Torii Gates
Power: 1.5x shipment points earned.
Ships Samurai.


Updated: 14th August

There will be three 5 scenario campaigns, focused on Japan, China, and India.

The Chinese campaign will focus on a historically plausible, if unproven, journey of a Ming treasure ship to the New World in 1421.

The Japanese campaign focuses on the establishment of the Tokugawa Shogunate in the early 17th century. Players will take control of Tokugawa himself, and seek to turn the nation of Japan from a group of warring states into a unified country.

The Indian campaign focuses on the Sepoy Rebellion of the 19th century. During this time local Indians rose up against the British East India Company, using numbers and fervor against British artillery.


Updated: 14th August

The Asian Dynasties will add quite a few new hotkeys to the game. This will allow players to have greater (and faster) control of game functions. For example, hotkeys will be added for nearly every unit within the buildings, and players will be able to order their production in units of five with merely a tap or two of the keyboard. Players will also be able to select all of their military units at once, or to select all units of a particular type (such as Musketeers). Best of all, these new hotkeys apply even to the European and Native civilizations, as well as the new Asian cultures.