Asian Dynasties Native Tribes

In Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties, you have the option of aligning with Asian minor civilizations, using their unique units and technologies. This makes them into a sub-civilization with their own unit population limits and very affordable prices, with almost all units costing only small amounts of food and wood. Their technologies affect both the Asian units and the European units as well as Native American civilizations, making them invaluable.

Bhakti Temple

Bhakti Temple (5 KB)

Bhakti sects and cults have been traced back to the 1st century AD with similar theistic practices dated as far back as the “Bhagavad-Gita”, written in 150 BCE. It is common for most Hindu gods to have their own sects, but Bhakti often centers on Shiva and Vishnu, and the Vishnu incarnations of Rama and Krishna.

  • Units: Tiger Claw (60 Food, 50 Wood)
  • Technologies: Yoga (200 Food, 200 Coin) (Cavalry and infantry damage increased by 5%), Reinforced Gauntlets (300 Wood, 300 Coin) (Tiger Claws have +50% hitpoints), Vegetarianism (100 Wood, 100 Coin) (Berries are gathered 40% faster)
  • Maps: Ceylon, Deccan, Himalayas, Silk Road

Jesuit Temple

Jesuit Temple (5 KB)

The Jesuits are an order of Roman Catholic men who follow the Latin phrase: Ad majorem Dei Gloriam, meaning “for the Greater Glory of God.” The order primary goal has been to spread the teachings of the church, and in doing so it has made lasting contributions in the fields of education and scholarship.

  • Units: Conquistador (85 Food, 70 Wood)
  • Technologies: Flying Buttress (250 Wood, 250 Coin) (Buildings have +20% hitpoints), Smokeless Powder (250 Food, 250 Coin) (Gunpowder units have more 30% siege attack), Christian School (100 Food, 100 Wood) (Villagers train 15% faster)
  • Maps: Borneo, Indochina, Honshu

Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple (5 KB)

One of the most famous Buddhist monasteries is the Shaolin Monastery, located in the Henan province of China, founded in 495 CD. The edifice is associated specifically with Chan Buddhism and the martial art of Kung Fu.

  • Units: Rattan Shield (50 Food, 60 Wood)
  • Technologies: Clenched Fists (200 Wood, 200 Coin) (Ranged infantry hand damage increased by 25%), Wood Clearing (200 Food, 200 Wood) (Wood is collected 20% faster), Dim Mark (300 Wood, 300 Coin) (Rattan Shield have more 50% damage)
  • Maps: Mongolia, Silk Road, Yellow River

Sufi Mosque

Sufi Mosque (5 KB)

The word “sufi” first appeared in the 8th century and is considered to be a reference to the coarse wool garments worn by spiritual men who sought lives of spiritual harmony, free from bodily pleasure and in harmony with nature.

  • Units: War Elephant (200 Food, 80 Wood)
  • Technologies: Pilgrimage (250 Food, 250 Coin) (1 fattened Goat for every 2 minutes the game has lasted), Fasting (200 Wood, 200 Coin) (Villagers gather 10% faster but have -40% hitpoints), Sharia (100 Food, 100 Coin) (Villager build limit is increased by 10%)
  • Maps: Borneo, Deccan, Indochina, Mongolia, Silk Road

Udasi Temple

Udasi Temple (5 KB)

The Udasis are members of a Sikh sect that shares many of the same principles as Sikhism, that of a supreme God who governs with justice and grace, and the opportunity of every human being to become one with that God, while renouncing other practices. The very name “udasi” comes from the Sanskrit “udas,” meaning to renounce.

  • Units: Chakram (100 Food, 50 Wood)
  • Technologies: Sikh Gurus (100 Food, 100 Coin) (Explorers, Warchiefs and Monks have more 50% hitpoints and damage), Punjabi New Year (200 Wood, 200 Coin) (Villagers and herdables gather 10% faster from buildings – Mill, Plantation, Rice Paddy, Farm, Shrine, Villages, Livestock Pen and Sacred Field), Army of the Pure (100 Food, 100 Coin) (Chakram have +4 range and line of sight)
  • Maps: Deccan, Himalayas, Silk Road

Zen Temple

Zen Temple (5 KB)

Zen is a school of Buddhism that seems a form of enlightenment achieved by the Buddha, a title that began with the very first Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, an Indian prince who abandoned his life of luxury to pursue an ascetic life. The goal of Zen is to eventually reach enlightenment through the Four Noble Truths: existence is suffering; desire is its cause; the cessation of suffering is possible; and the way to accomplish this is to follow the Eightfold Path.

  • Units: Sohei (55 Food, 40 Wood)
  • Technologies: Meditation (350 Wood, 350 Coin) (Delivers 1000 experience points), Master Lessons (150 Food, 150 Coin) (Hand infantry damage increased by 10%), Meritocracy (300 Wood, 300 Coin) (Unit upgrades are 20% cheaper)
  • Maps: Ceylon, Honshu, Silk Road, Yellow River