Native Americans

With the introduction of The WarChiefs, Ensemble added three playable native American civilizations; the Aztecs, the Iroquois, and the Sioux. The native civilizations have a radically different playstyle from the European civilizations; with the new Fire Pit building, the native civilizations can quickly change their style of play using fire pit dances, each of which has its own benefits. Each of the native civilizations consists of totally unique units to each particular civilization.


At their peak the Aztecs were the most powerful meso-American civilization. Famous for their huge city, Tenochlitan, the Aztecs fielded fearsome all-infantry armies due to their lack of cavalry.

Bonus: Warrior Priests can dance at the Firepit for greater effect.

Units: Macehualtin, Coyote Runner, Puma Spearman, Arrow Knight, Eagle Runner Knight, Jaguar Prowl Knight, War Chief, Warrior Priest, Skull Knight, Villager, Fishing Boat, Canoe, War Canoe, Tlaloc Canoe. (see the unit section for more detailed unit analysis)

Unique Buildings: War Hut, Nobles’ Hut. (see the buildings section for more detailed analysis)

Aztec Index: Found here


The Iroquois were one of the most European-ized native civilizations, able to field cannon and seige weaponry. A confederacy, the Iroquois consisted of five (later six) nations, and had a constitution and council meetings.

Bonus: Travois units can build buildings for free.

Units: Mantlet, Ram, Light Cannon, War Chief, Aenna, Tomahawk, Forest Prowler, Kanya Horseman, Musket Rider, Travois, Villager, Fishing Boat, Canoe, War Canoe. ( see the unit section for more detailed unit analysis)

Unique Buildings: Longhouse, Seige Workshop. (see the buildings section for more detailed analysis)

Iroquois Index: Found here


The Sioux consisted of three smaller nations; the Lakota, the Dakota and the Nakota. The Sioux were famed for breeding and training cavalry, ensuring that they were hard-hitting and fast in battle.

Bonus: Start with 200 population; don’t need to build houses.

Units: War Club, Cetan Bow, Wakina Rifle, Axe Rider, Bow Rider, Rifle Rider, Tashunke Prowler, Dog Soldier, Villager, Fishing Boat, Canoe, War Canoe. ( see the unit section for more detailed unit analysis)

Unique Buildings: Teepee. (see the buildings section for more detailed analysis)

Sioux Index: Found here



Great Britain, the seat of the British Empire, was created through the union of England, Scotland and Wales in 1707. Long known for its superior naval skills, Great Britain played a pivotal role in the colonization of North America.

Bonus: Expensive Manors replace houses. For every Manor built, you get a free Settler.

Unique Units: Longbowman (long-ranged archer), Congreve Rocket (heavy artillery)

Royal Guard: Redcoat Musketeer (Musketeer), King’s Life Guard Hussar (Hussar)


Replacing the Spanish as the wealthiest nation in the 18th century, the Dutch were a key proponent in managing the resources and profits gained from colonial North and South America.

Bonus: The Dutch ave a limit of 50 Settlers instead of the usual 99. They’re able to build banks in any age to generate coin, and Settlers cost coin instead of food, making them dependent on coin early.

Unique Units: Envoy (scout), Fluyt (light war ship), Ruyter (ranged light cavalry)

Royal Guard: Nassau Halberdier (Halberdier), Carabineer Ruyter (Ruyter)


France, the extensive colonizer of what would later become Canada, Louisiana and the Caribbean, was both a formidable foe to the British, and a trusted ally to a number of native cultures.

Bonus: Instead of starting with typical Settlers, the French instead get Coureurs, an expensive but powerful villager limited to 80. They ally with the Natives easier, getting several unique Native cards, technologies, and bonuses.

Unique Units: Coureur des Bois (unique settler), Cuirassier (heavy cavalry), Native Scout (scout)

Royal Guard: Voltigeur (Skirmisher), Gendarme Cuirassier (Cuirassier)


Although Germany during AoE3’s time period was simply a bunch of small nations, the strongest nation, Prussia, was a strong European power throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Although the Prussians didn’t get involved in colonization, the fact alone that they represent all Germans nations in AoE3 shows that they weren’t included to be realistic. Many Hessians, a German faction, were hired by the British to fight for them during the American Revolution.

Bonus: With every shipment the Germans receive past the Discovery Age, they get free Uhlan cavalry, 1 for every Age they advanced (2 for Colonial, 3 for Fortress, 4 for Industrial). They also have the option of shipping over a Settler Wagon, a powerful and productive villager. It’s also much easier to hire Mercenaries.

Unique Units: Doppelsoldner (heavy melee infantry), Settler Wagon (unique settler), Uhlan (heavy cavalry), War Wagon (heavy ranged cavalry)

Royal Guard: Needle Gunner (Skirmisher), Czapka Uhlan (Uhlan)


The Ottoman Empire, situated in the prime position between Europe and Asia, was the location of great technological and militarist improvements. Even though the Ottoman Empire did not colonize (they focused on Europe), the Ottomans did have heavy influence on Eastern Europe, and possessed the main trade route to Asia until the path around Africa was discovered.

Bonus: With the Ottomans, you don’t have the option to build villagers. Instead they spawn slowly, for free, from your Town Center, and they do not stop until you have reached a limit. You must research technologies at your Mosque (Church) if you wish to go beyond that limit, and the Mosque also lets you increase their spawn rate as well. The Ottomans also have Colonial Age access to the Artillery Foundry.

Unique Units: Abus Gun (light artillery), Cavalry Archer (mounted archer), Great Bombard (heavy artillery), Imam (unique healer), Janissary (heavy infantry), Spahi (heavy cavalry)

Royal Guard: Gardener Hussar (Hussar), Baratcu Grenadier (Grenadier)


Portugal, at one time the provocateur of what is now Brazil, was an active force in exploring the globe in the 15th and 16th centuries. As an empire, Portugal influenced one side of the globe to the other.

Bonus: With every Age they advance, they recieve a free Covered Wagon, which you can turn into a Town Center at any location. Explorers have Spyglass special ability, which reveals any location selected.

Unique Units: Cassadors (anti-infantry infantry), Organ Gun (light artillery)

Royal Guard: Guerreiro Musketeer (Musketeer), Jinete Dragoon (Dragoon)


Tsarist Russia, known for its military accomplishments and rapid expansion, was a strong military oriented nation. Colonation extended from what is now Alaska down to northern California, but Spanish settlement in those locations forced the ill-supplied settlers back to Alaska. Regardless, Russia was a substantial European power during AoE III’s timeframe.

Bonus: Trains Settlers and Infantry in groups — Settlers in groups of 3, Halberdiers in groups of 4, Musketeers in groups of 5, and Strelets in groups of 10. All of these are cheaper and produced quickly, but are weaker than normal. They also have a unique building, the Blockhouse, that’s a cross between a Barracks and an Outpost that takes the place of both buildings.

Unique Units: Cavalry Archer (mounted archer), Cossack (fast light cavalry), Oprichnik (light raiding cavalry), Strelet (light infantry)

Royal Guard: Pavlov Grenadier (Grenadier), Tartar Cavalry Archer (Cavalry Archer)


Spain, one of the greatest colonizers of North and South America, was known for having acquired great wealth from the colonies during the 17th century. While Spain focused primarily on South America, developments in Europe often entangled it in the affairs of other colonizing nations.

Bonus: The amount of Experience required each shipment is 27% lower, which makes shipments available faster.

Unique Units: Lancer (anti-infantry heavy cavalry), Missionary (mounted healer), Rodelero (fast melee-infantry), War Dog (scout)

Royal Guard: Tercio Pikeman (Pikeman), Espada Rodelero (Rodelero), Garrochista Lancer (Lancer)