Native Tribes

In Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs, you have the option of aligning with a Native American tribe, using their unique units and technologies. This makes them into a sub-civilization with their own unit population limits and very affordable prices, with almost all units costing only small amounts of food and wood. Their technologies affect both the Native American units and European units, making them invaluable.

Apache (5 KB)


A powerful tribe with fierce warriors and clever strategists, that were mainly based around Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and northwest Mexico, and with a small group on the plains.

Units: Apache Cavalry

Technologies: Apache Cactus Use (150 Wood, 100 Coin) (increases villager speed and HP by 15%), Apache Raiders (150 Wood, 150 Coin) (Apache Warriors do 200% more damage to villagers), Apache Indurance (300 Wood, 300 Coin) (Infantry, cavalry and artillery have +5% speed)

Maps: Texas, Sonora, Painted Desert

Carib (9 KB)


A Caribbean tribe that valued the exploits of its warriors, and was also known to raid local colonies. They defended their lands fiercely and caused the frightened Spanish to avoid lands owned by their tribe.

Units: Carib Blowgunner

Technologies: Carib Kasiri Beer (250 Food, 250 Coin) (Pets, archers and melee infantry do +10% damage), Carib Garifuna Drums (150 Food, 150 Coin )(archers do 100% more damage to villagers), Carib Ambush Party (200 Wood, 200 Coin) (explorer can train a small ambush party of blowgunners)

Maps: Carribean, Hispaniola, Orinoco

Cherokee (8 KB)


A peaceful agricultural people living in settlements around the southern Appalachian mountains. They became increasingly hostile after contact with Europeans, becoming a part of the weapons trade and developing themselves as an independent nation.

Units: Cherokee Rifleman (skirmisher)

Technologies: Cherokee War Dance (200 Wood, 200 Coin) (all native allies have +20% speed), Cherokee Basket Weaving (100 Food, 100 Coin) (dock/market/mill/plantation upgrades don’t cost wood), Sequoyah’s Cherokee Syllabary (200 Wood, 200 Coin) (get shipment of settlers)

Maps: Bayou, Carolina, New England

Cheyenne (5 KB)


The Cheyenne were a tribe from the Great Plains comprised of 10 different bands of people. They were a combatant in the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Units: Cheyenne Rider

Technologies: Cheyenne Hunting Grounds (150 Wood, 150 Coin) (12 bison appear at town centre), Cheyenne Horse Trading (250 Wood, 250 Coin) (cavalry train +40% faster – no effect to Dog Soldiers), Cheyenne Fury (350 Wood, 350 Coin) (Cheyenne Riders do +100% damage to cavalry)

Maps: Great Lakes, Great Plains, Rockies

Commanche (10 KB)


Once a part of the Shoshoni tribe, the Comanche migrated after acquisition of the European horse, becoming a separate tribe in southwest America. They were widely known for their archery skills.

Units: Comanche Horse Archer

Technologies: Comanche Horse Breeding (150 Food, 150 Coin) (cavalry HP +10%), Comanche Trade Language (100 Food, 100 Coin) (all research items cost -10% coin), Comanche Mustangs (200 Wood, 200 Coin) (cavalry speed +10%)

Maps: Great Plains, Rockies, Texas

Cree (9 KB)


North American tribe that ranged from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. The Cree were excellence at hunting, becoming very active in the fur trade.

Units: Cree Tracker (skirmisher), Cree Coureur des Bois (unique settler)

Technologies: Cree Textile Craftsmanship (175 Wood, 175 Coin) (buildings cost -25% wood), Cree Kinship (225 Food, 225 Coin) (Cree Tracker build limit +50%), Cree Tanning (175 Food, 175 Coin) (infantry and cavalry HP +5%)

Maps: Saguenay, Yukon

Huron (5 KB)


The Huron were originally from what is now Southern Ontario and Quebec in Canada, and were involved in fierce battles with the nearby Iroquois, a battle that intensified when the European powers got involved.

Units: Huron Mantlet

Technologies: Huron Fish Wedding (75 Wood, 75 Coin) (buildings cost -25% wood), Huron Sun Ceremony (225 Wood, 225 Coin) (Huron Mantlet build limit +200%), Huron Trade Dominance (400 Wood, 400 Coin) (ships 1 Huron Mantlet for every minute of the game up to 30 minutes)

Maps: Great Lakes, New England, Saguenay

Incas (10 KB)


The Incan Empire was located in south America, centering on the Andean mountain range. They were known for their conquests, through both hostile and diplomatic means.

Units: Incan Bolas Warrior, Incan Huaminca

Technologies: Incan Roadbuilding (300 Food 300 Wood) (Infantry +20% speed), Incan Metalworking (175 Food 175 Coin) (villager coin gathering rate from mine +20%), Incan Chasquis Messengers (250 Food 250 Coin) (Infantry and Cavalry train +25% faster, Artillery; +10%. No effect to Dog Soldiers and Skull Knights)

Maps: Amazonia, Andes, Araucania, Pampas

Klamath (4 KB)


The Klamath mainly subsisted from fish and gathered roots and seeds. They were famed for their archery skills and were known to raid nearby tribes, taking prisoners.

Units: Klamath Rifleman

Technologies: Klamath Strategy (200 Wood 150 Coin) (Klamath Riflemen do 25% more damage), Klamath Huckleberry Feast (150 Wood, 150 Coin) (Ships a crate of 100 food for every 3 minutes of the game, up until 30 minutes), Klamath Work Ethos (100 Food 100 Wood 100 Coin) (Villagers gather all resources +5% faster)

Maps: California, Northwest Territory

Mapuche (5 KB)


The Mapuche were an argiculturally based tribe from South America, particularly southern Chile and Argentina.

Units: Mapuche Ironwood Clubman

Technologies: Mapuche Ad-mapu (250 Wood 250 Coin) (All units cost -20% coin) Mapuche Tactics (200 Food 200 Wood) (Melee Infantry have +50% seige attack) Mapuche Treaty of Quillin (225 Food 225 Wood) (Ships a crate of 100 coin for every two minutes in game up till 30 minutes)

Maps: Araucania

Maya (9 KB)


A large, ancient tribe that settled in the Yucatan peninsula. They were known for their intelligence and architecture.

Units: Maya Holcan Spearman (anti-cavalry infantry), Medicine Man (healer)

Technologies: Maya Cotton Armor (300 Wood 300 Coin) (Melee Infantry +20% HP), Maya Calendar (120 Wood 120 Coin) (food gather rate increased by +10%)

Maps: Orinoco, Sonora, Yucatan

Navajo (4 KB)

From the American Southwest, the Navajo were a mobile tribe that hunted bison and travelled carrying their goods using travois.

Units: Navajo Rifleman

Technologies: Navajo Weaving (100 Wood 250 Coin) (All troops +5% hp), Navajo Shepherds (200 Wood) (Herds animals +30% faster) Navajo Craftsmanship (150 Food, 100 Wood) (Plantation, Mining, Whaling gather rate +20% faster)

Maps: Painted Desert, Sonora

Nootka (8 KB)


Native Americans that were among the first north Pacific tribes to come into contact with the Europeans.

Units: Nootka Clubman, Nootka War Chief

Technologies: Nootka Bark Clothing (125 Wood 125 Coin) (Villager HP +50%), Nootka Potlatch (300 Food, 300 Coin) (Nootka Clubman train 50% faster and are 10% cheaper), Loyal Nootka War Chief (200 Wood 200 Coin) (Explorer can train 1 Nootka WarChief for 200 Food 100 Wood)

Maps: California, Northwest Territory, Yukon

Seminole (10 KB)


Lower Creek nation that moved into Florida so they wouldn’t be dominated by their enemies, and merged with the indigenous tribes already at that location. They provided a tough resistance against European attacks, but fell despite their valiant efforts.

Units: Seminole Sharktooth Bowman

Technologies: Seminole Guerrilla Wars (200 Food 200 Coin) (Seminole Sharktooth Bowmen get +300% multiplies vs. buildings), Seminole Bowery (300 Wood 300 Coin) (Archer attack +35%)

Maps: Bayou, Carolina

Tupi (9 KB)


Tribe that at first inhabited the Amazon rain forest, but soon spread southward and occupied the Atlantic coast. They were aggressive, being said to have been ritualistic cannibals.

Units: Tupi Blackwood Archer

Technologies: Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs (150 Wood 150 Coin) (All Archer Damage +10%), Tupi Animal Lore (75 Wood 75 Coin) (Can train Cougars from Town Centre; build limit of 12 cost of 100 Food), Tupi Forest Burning (175 Food 175 Coin) (Buildings cost 20% less wood)

Maps: Orinoco, Pampas, Amzonia

Zapotec (4 KB)


From southern Mesoamerica, the Zapotec were had a sedentary but advanced culture and were often at war with the Aztecs.

Units: Zapotec Lightning Warrior

Technologies: Zapotec Food of the Gods (175 Wood 175 Coin) (Gather from Berries, Mills, Farms, and Plantations 10% faster), Zapotec Cult of the Dead (200 Wood 200 Coin) (Melee Infantry do 20% more damage), Zapotec Cloud People (225 Food 225 Coin) (Delivers a crate of 100 wood for every 2 mins in game up to 30 minutes)

Maps: Amazonia, Orinoco, Yucatan