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The WarChiefs: Game Info Central

Welcome to 'The WarChiefs' game information section of Age of Empires III Heaven. Look here for all sorts of information regarding Ensemble Studios' expansion pack for Age of Empires III™, "The WarChiefs", from unit stats, to the random maps, to a list of reviews about the game. For further discussion on the expansion pack, why not check out our Discussions forum!

Game Information

Game Information (10 KB)
Civilizations An overview of the civilizations in the game
Native Tribes Learn about the native tribes that the player can ally with
Random Maps Information on the random maps in The WarChiefs
Units and Buildings Detailed statistics and information for the units and buildings in the game

General Information

General (10 KB)
General FAQ A FAQ containing basic information regarding the game
Features Learn about the new features in The WarChiefs here
Revolutions Learn about the new Revolution feature in the game
Tribal Council Information on the Tribal Council, the native home city


Media (10 KB)
Reviews A detailed list of reviews written for The WarChiefs
Previews A list of previews written for The WarChiefs
Videos A list of videos for the expansion pack