Revolution Message (21 KB)
The message displayed when you have revolted from your mother country

An interesting new feature added is the ‘Revolution’ option, which is an alternative to aging to the Imperial Age. Once in the Industrial Age, you have the option of aging to the Imperial Age, or paying 1000 food, 1000 wood and 1000 gold to revolt. Only the European civilizations are able to revolt. In a 1v1 game, only one player is allowed to revolt; i.e. if you revolt, your opponent will not be able to, and vice versa. Likewise, in a team game, if a player on one team revolts, any players on the opposing team will not be able to.

So what does a Revolution actually do? If you choose to revolt you will be given two different ‘Revolutionaries’ to choose from (acting like the standard politicians when you age up normally), each with their own bonus. The Revolutionaries are different for each European civilization. When the revolution is complete your home city and deck is replaced with a new home city and deck, with 4 new cards available: shipping more Militia, Gatling Guns, Ironclads and Fort Wagons, each of which can be sent infinite times. All the player’s settlers will change into colonial militia, and the player will not be able to train any more; so the players economy will grind to a halt, although Fishing Boats will still be able to fish for food and coin, and the player can still generate resources through Trading Posts, Factories and if Dutch, Banks. It is also worth noting that the Germans can still train Settler Wagons. The upside is that the player who revolts has a military advantage due to weight of numbers, putting the Imperialist player on the back foot.

Below are screenshots of the units available after revolting:

Gattling Gun (11 KB)

Gatling Gun – A mounted gun that is extremely effective against infantry units.

Ironclad (3 KB)

Ironclad – A floating fortress of iron, surprisingly weak given its size.

Fort Wagon (16 KB)

Fort Wagon – Each time the fort wagon card is sent, the fort build limit is increased by +1.

Colonial Milita (12 KB)

Colonial Militia – A musketeer-like unit armed with a rifle.

Below is a list of all the revolutionary politicians, with the bonus they provide and the civilizations that the politicians are available to listed.

L’Overture – Haiti

Bonus: Colonial Militia have more hitpoints

Civilizations: British, French

Washington – United States

Bonus: Gatling Guns have more hitpoints

Civilizations: British, Dutch

Hidalgo – Mexico

Bonus: A group of outlaws rally to your cause.

Civilizations: Portuguese, Spanish

Bonifacio – Brazil

Bonus: Fierce Tupi warriors come to your aid. All natives are legendary.

Civilizations: Dutch, Portuguese

Bolivar – Peru

Bonus: All units gain slightly more hitpoints.

Civilizations: Germans, Russians

San Martin – Argentina

Bonus: Grants 6 Imperial Howitzers.

Civilizations: Germans

Santander – Colombia

Bonus: Grants 3 Ironclads.

Civilizations: French, Ottomans, Russians

O’Higgins – Chile

Bonus: Grants 10 Hussars.

Civilizations: Ottomans, Spanish